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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 3/5/2014
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MNA Steering Committee Minutes
March 4th, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
HEB Community Room, 1801 E. 51st Street, Austin, TX 78723

Steering Committee Members Present: James Nortey (Chair), Janeka Rector (Vice-Chair), Ani Colt, Lucky Berry, Susan Egan, Karen Sharp (Secretary), Helen Walker, Sandy Parks (Treasurer), Kevin McGillicuddy, Dave Neider, Corky Hilliard, Mateo Barnstone, Kathy Sokolic

Steering Committee Members Absent: Tim Moriarty

1. Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.

2. February Steering Committee and General MNA Minutes Approved via email

3. Treasurer’s Report – Sandy
a. The reconciled bank balance at February 28th, 2014 is $ 8290.58. An additional $225.00 was deposited yesterday. During February, and through March 4th, 2014, we collected $1805.00, $1760.00 for FPF ad revenue, and $45.00 in 2014 dues money. During this same period, we spent $699.00, MNA Neighborhood meeting coffee ($40.00), FPF winter edition printing ($649.00), and fees ($10.00). MNA checking account balance today is $ 8475.58.
b. Year to date (December 1st, 2013-March 4, 2014) we have collected $3320.00 in FPF ad revenue and dues revenue of $895.00. The dues’ revenue represents 179 individual members, or about ½ of the dues revenue we collected in the prior fiscal year.
i. Addendum to minutes via email from Sandy after the meeting: Front Porch Flyer Winter edition was 1000 copies, the first one (in the history of FPF) with 16 pages, instead of 12 pages (or fewer). The cost increase for the extra 4 pages was $119 for those 1000 copies.
c. “Yet to do” from fiscal year (11/30/2013): filing of the annual 990N with the IRS. The due date is April 15th, 2014.
d. Sandy has an HEB card (inherited from Kathy and Kevin) with less than $50.00 on it. Also, should anyone be purchasing items for MNA activities, the MNA is exempt from paying Texas sales and use tax effective July 2, 2013. Contact Sandy for the necessary certificate to be presented at the time of purchase.

4. Old Business
a. Finalize Goals for 2014 – All participated in a prioritization activity based on submitted ideas and five goals were identified:
i. Welcoming culture for new neighbors including a “welcome wagon” and ongoing engagement to become involved and become members of the MNA
ii. Develop a unified communication strategy as well as a repository of information that can serve as a reference point for future and current residents alike. May include technology refresh for website among other strategies.
iii. Promote safe and efficient multi-modal transportation options including urban rail, a road system that connects east to west Austin, modern bus system and walkable/cyclable neighborhood. Including strategy to remain engaged with TXDOT.
iv. Ensure that Mueller remains a place for everyone by celebrating diversity in all its forms (age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation). Including demographic trends such as “silver tsunami”
v. Collaborate with our surrounding neighborhoods to overcome mutual challenges, including city council district involvement

b. Impact of TXDot Mobility 35 plans Follow-Up – Mateo Barnstone
i. Mateo reported that the MNA SC received an affirmative response from TXDOT indicating that they have heard our concerns expressed in the letter of concern sent last month and agree to meet to discuss some concepts they have in mind to address concerns.
ii. Mateo has attended or will attend a number of meetings where the TXDot Mobility 35 plan has or will be discussed including: the RMMA PIAC, Cherrywood Neighborhood Association and Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Association.
iii. The Upper Boggy Creek group took action to set up working group. They also drafted a resolution opposing super streets. Our steering committee should consider a like resolution against super streets.
iv. The City Council placed an item on the March 6 agenda to direct the City Manager to keep community actively informed and keep as priority east- west connectivity during discussions and follow the tenets of the Imagine Austin Plan.
v. Preliminary feedback from TXDOT is that they have heard the concerns about Super Streets and are considering Median U-turn intersections commonly known as “Michigan lefts” as an alternative. A Michigan left is an intersection that detours left turns to make aright hand turn followed by a U-turn. In TxDOT attempted to implement Michigan Lefts on Loop 360 but they were strongly opposed by the NAs impacted there. In 2010 Planoimplemented a “Michigan left”. After less than 4 years of operation,public never accepted in and in January this year Plano ceased operating it as a Median U-turn intersection.. “Michigan lefts” have not been used in a dense urban core in Texas, more information is needed regarding other states.
vi. The best way to connect surrounding neighborhoods is to have an issue they care about and partner. Dellwood, Windsor Park and Willow Shaeffer Brook are also interested in this issue. (Dave)
vii. Question about Seton’s stance on issue (Corky). Ashton Cumberbatch is contact for Seton (Helen).
viii. Steering Committee voted unanimously to pass a resolution to oppose the Super Streets concept. After the meeting with TxDOT the Steering Committee will consider proposing a more comprehensive and more specific resolution to take to the general membership.

5. New Business
a. Web site committee proposal – Meaghan Regier
i. Move official landing page (splash page) for neighborhood to as official entry point for MNA information
ii. Change official Mueller Neighborhood forum from Citicite to Nextdoor. Goal is to transition and eventually end use of Citicite. In Nextdoor security is based on address validation and name. It also has a mobile app, which would be convenient for many. City of Austin has adopted Nextdoor as the official tool for neighborhoods as a conduit back to the city. Other neighborhoods currently use it. You can post in Mueller only or to surrounding neighborhoods as well. Outside from Mueller no one else sees where you live. It is easy to create an event and RSVP.
iii. Recommend Google Docs as official repository for MNA documents. Google Docs can have a link from Nextdoor.
iv. James asks that SC members read handout and check out Nextdoor prior to next meeting when the committee will take action on the proposal.

b. MNA grant requests
i. Mueller Baby Boomer Chile Cook Off. $30 request for prizes. All neighbors welcome – Approved
ii. Mueller Bike to Work Station event. $100 request for Banner. – Approved
iii. Scales Street block party. $150. Must remain open to/announced to all neighborhoods. – Approved
iv. Dave will set up working group to look at Block Party grant policy. Policy will be in By-Laws or other governing document.

c. Public School at Mueller report– Kathy
i. Open, general discussion at public meeting. What kind of activities could be incorporated at schools?
ii. It appears that everything is on the table but there is no specific plan.
iii. Catellus will need to decide what to do with 10-acre site.
iv. This may be another opportunity to partner with surrounding neighborhoods.

d. Membership Issues – James
i. We have discussed having an online dues payment system
1. Could incorporate into website – Use Square or PayPal – Kathy will look into
ii. Multiyear membership could have advantages – two year or five year – no break in membership, as is current process.
1. Tracking of multi-year memberships could be problematic based on past experience - Corky
iii. Business membership could provide businesses chance to contribute and also be seen as member of neighborhood.

e. Committees/subcommittees
i. Standing committees include nominating committee and audit committee
ii. Membership committee
1. Need updated Block Captain listing
2. Treasurer is supposed to be involved in membership committee
3. James will discuss ideas with Dennis, who has been leading efforts
iii. Neighborhood Enhancements Committee spawned the Website sub-committee, Local Business Sub-committee and Town Center Sub-committee
1. There is no overarching committee, just the sub-committees (Dave)
iv. Front Porch Flyer Committee – FPF should be recognized as an official committee and should give periodic/quarterly updates to the Steering Committee – Helen
1. May need additional resources for the layout of the newsletter
2. All agreed that the FPF should come regularly, either pre or post publication
v. Corky suggested that each new goal for 2014 should have a committee and it’s an opportunity to align current efforts/committees to those goals as well
1. All generally agreed with suggestion
2. James ask that Steering Committee members let them know if they have an interest in chairing one of the committees
3. Membership committee could be re-chartered and include Welcome Wagon – Dave

f. Mueller Egg Scramble will be discussed via email and at next meeting

g. Organizing City Council District 9 will be discussed at a later meeting

6. Agenda for March 15th General Body Meeting
a. Location Seton Administration Building – 1345 Philomena, Austin, TX 78723
i. Dave will bring coffee – asked if we could get debit card for these types of purchases
ii. Sandy will look into
b. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy
c. Dr. Xuemei Zhu – TAMU Research on Healthy Communities
d. PIACT Update – Carol Drennan
e. Talk about Vision and Goals of Mueller at end of meeting – Corky
f. We will share new goals and strategies via minutes and newsletter
7. Meeting Adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

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