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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 3/5/2013
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Steering Committee Meeting Notes
4020 Pinckney
March 5, 2013
7:00 pm

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order (5 min)
a. Present: Belinda, Dave, Dennis, Kat, Grant, Janeka, Kevin, Kathy, Betsy, Ani, Cynthia, Sandy
b. Not present: Corky, James
2. Review and Approve Minutes (February 2013) - Cynthia (10 min)
a. Approved as amended: need to add the one committee that was left off list. Complete list is: Soul (Dave), External ( Grant), Membership/Block Captain (Kevin)
3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy (5 min)
a. The reconciled checking account balance at March 5, 2013 is $6431.25
b. We received an IRS letter (dated February 8th, 2013) regarding MNA’s tax exempt status. They are reviewing our application for reinstatement, and we should expect to receive another letter within 90 days. MNA’s 990EZ tax return is due April 15th, 2013. We can file for an extension of time to file the tax return (but actually I may file in April), awaiting a response from the IRS. But if the IRS response is not forthcoming on a timely basis, we will file the annual 990EZ assuming our tax status is exempt.
c. Outstanding grants: While Ella Wooten Park is not available for large events now, these events are grandfathered (Egg Scramble, Halloween, July 4th). We will still need to fill out a form and pay.
d. Discussed types of expenditures for each grant - Egg Scramble - $400 (bounce house, petting zoo, etc.), Halloween Carnival - $500 (booths, decorations, prizes, etc.), Chili Cookoff - $30 (prizes), 4th of July - $200
e. Approved all four grants.
4. Existing Business
a. Subcommittee reports/discussion
i. Guide/mission statements for each subcommittee - Each subcommittee to make a guide/mission statement and goals so that all know what is going on.
ii. Kevin would like asked about a map of block captains on streets.
iii. Discussed having each subcommittee chair send email reports before SC meeting, and then updates at meeting are quick.
iv. Other volunteers from neighborhood/membership - Discussed that we need to specify what percentage of external members would we like to have.
v. Update from Kat about rezoning on Manor. She attended meeting and provided contact info for MNA as point of contact for neighborhood for communications.
b. AISD final bond package
i. 3 undesignated elementary schools in final package - Prop 2. Need to support passing bond and then support getting school for Northeast. Would like to motivate Mueller neighbors to vote for this. Vote is in May.
c. Rail update/discussion
i. Discussed current status of locations planned for stations/barn as well as Betsy's recent notes on meeting.
5. New Business - various (10 min)
a. ANC discussion
i. Discussed Austin Neighborhoods Council - Former and current MNA chair can vote, and neighborhood attendees can vote in place of Chair. It's difficult to vote in representative capacity when there's no prior notification about issues to vote on. However, it also creates a problem if Mueller is perceived as not engaged. Discussed voting for some types of items, such as to extend conversation at those meetings, but not to vote on major issues unless group has had time to discuss issue at least via email. Kat will attend when able.
6. Agenda for 3/16 (10 mins)
a. Location: Ani will check on Wildflower for 3/16 meeting. Agenda will include regular business.
b. Wellness study? Agreed to include this on agenda.
c. Highland development update? Agreed to include this on agenda.
d. RISE school? Agreed this was a maybe, if it looks like the school is a certainty.
7. April meetings…
a. Austin Studios would like to host and give tour.
b. Agreed to move general meeting to April 13
8. Action Items (5 min, if any)
9. Additional Business/Open comments – all
a. New manager at Wildflower Terrace - Tammi Hinkel
b. Community-wide garage sale, Saturday 3/23; paying for Chronicle and Statesman advertising
c. Next SC meeting 4/2, possibly at Contigo, 7 PM
10. Adjourn
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