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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 3/3/2009
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 3/3/2009

Attendees: Jerry Perkins, Kerry Fisher, Grant Fisher, Kim Wine, John Guest, Bobby Gierish, Dusty Harshman, Drew Harris, Wilson Robertson.

I. Introductions/Welcomes
II. Approval of previous minutes (Large and SC)
III. Treasurers Financial Report – Six or seven new members in last month. Current balance of account is $1431.44 including ad revenue from newsletter. Have had interest in more ad space than we can take advantage of with current size of newsletter. Dusty would like to in the future also look at other revenue streams so potentially some day we can stop requiring annual dues. Frost has expressed and interest in marketing to Mueller.
IV. Affordable Senior Development – Official application has been submitted.
V. PUD Modifications – Zoning cases take 3 months from submission to go through full process. There were slight changes in the final submission from the initial changes distributed. The city never provided a copy of the PUD changes during the comment period, which is now closed. No major concerns expressed by any steering committee members on the changes.
VI. Contact teams – Not able to cover at last MNA meeting – will be on agenda at the March meeting.
VII. Tim Mahoney’s Presentation – Tim may request an agenda item at the March meeting to ask for MNA support for his plan. As far as we know, no other neighborhood association has taken a stance on the proposal. Discussion around whether the MNA should take a position on an item that is not specific to Mueller or does not have a significant impact to Mueller (much broader general focus).
VIII. Postcards – Not able to cover at last MNA meeting – will be on the agenda for the March meeting.
IX. Gardening Event – happening March 14th, 11a – 1pm at Ella Wooten Park.
a. Children’s Events – There will be 4 to 5 different activities tables for children at the upcoming event as well as Move your Tale performances. Looking for volunteers to help with kids events – see Kim Wine. Need identified to meeting with Catellus/Alliance to figure out how to better work together/partner on events such as this.
b. Volunteers – Tours in the S.W. greenway staring at 1pm. Get in touch with Janelle if you can volunteer. Her member name on is Schnauzerhouse if you need to contact her.
X. Upcoming Meetings – March meeting will be March 14th, at Ella Wooten park.
XI. Additional Business/Open Comments
a. Suggestion to add an agenda item for a Hands of Earth CSA update – it was a big success and Mueller will be its first neighborhood delivery site.
b. Boundary limits for MNA need to be expanded to include the entire 700+ acres of the Mueller development. Motion made to expand the boundaries with the city, seconded. All were in favor and motion passed.
c. Ugliness in neighborhood – Need to figure out if there is anything that the MNA can do to discourage some of the ‘planned’ and unplanned ugliness in sight at Mueller including huge utility boxes in common areas. Need to come up with a list.
d. Pool Advisory Committees – the PAC is starting up again this week. John will post on for suggestions to take to the first meeting.
e. Treasurer needs a book for the checks – agreed for Dusty to purchase one.
f. Bylaws modifications need to be identified soon so we can have them reviewed and finalized by June.
g. Health Plan Study – City council passed a resolution to develop a Healthy Community Initiative Plan and study at Mueller.

Meeting Adjourned.
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