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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 3/1/2011
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for April 5th.

MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – March 1, 2011

I. Introductions - Grant opened the meeting shortly after 7:00 p.m. All SC members were present: Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Drew Harris, Diane Gierisch, Mary Piette, Don Dozier, Keith Romel, Shellie Shores, Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher.

II. Treasurer’s Report: We are doing well - $4358.62 current balance. Up from last month. About half of this will be used for Front Porch Flyer printing this year. Deposited more dues lately and FPF ad proceeds. Now have 175 current members in MNA.

Frost has a feature now for $5/month where you can view the images of all checks deposited. We will ask to see if we can get it free, but this would make Treasurer’s job easier. SC approved asking them for it free, and approving the expenditure if we can’t get it for free. (Drew motion, Mary Piette 2nd - passed with one vote against.)

III. Existing Business:

a. Candidate Forum (March 22) - Windsor Park organizing with surrounding neighborhoods. City Council elections in May. Potential topics we’d want discussed were suggested: transportation and bike/ped, single member districts, recycling contractor (and smaller bins as an option).

b. MNA Grants - 3 applications were received: Stitch-n-Bitch ($125), Boomers($30), and Friends of the Prairie($125). A total of $500 was available. All were approved. Discussion about desire to see more grant applications that support community events. Also discussed ways to share information about the history of the community with new residents, along with community covenants. POA needs to start up Mueller 101 again since we’re have some new residents in the Greenway Lofts, Garden homes and Mueller homes. More discussion next month.

c. Resident Activities committee update (Kat) - For 2011 budget:
----Plant Fest ($100), - April 9
----Polar Bear plunge - April 1st 5:00 a.m when pool opens ($50)
----July 4th pool party ($500)
----Halloween ($500)
----Networking events ($200/event for quarterly events)
----Tower lighting ($1500)
----Egg Scramble ($350) - April 23rd? (unsure if it will be Sat or Sunday)
----Music Festival - June maybe 6-10 pm ($1200) - lots of planning and volunteers needed!!

d. Commander’s forum (last meeting) - highlights on Car breakins rampant in Cherrywood. Mark your belongings to help with retrieval. APD will be launching a website called CopLogic - report thefts with Serial #s for your belongings and get a police report for insurance purposes.

e. Pecan Street Project (Kathy S) - PSP is planning an event for first group of participants. Tentative date is April 16. If interested in Resident’s Council, email Suzanne at

f. Business Memberships - Frost Bank sent unsolicited check for $10, presumably for membership. Bylaws allow business memberships but we’ve never established the annual dues for businesses. Per the ByLaws, business members have no voting rights.

SC (Drew motion, Kathy 2nd ) - we will start accepting business memberships per bylaws. Passed unanimously

Business membership fees: - $10 or $25 were discussed. Diane motion for $10 annual dues, Betsy 2nd. VOTE: 6 for, 5 against, 2 abstain.

Drew motion: Increase dues to $25, Kat 2nd - Discussion: Would like to distinguish business memberships from resident memberships. We do have future needs that could be funded from additional revenue. VOTE: 9 for and 4 against. Motion carries. Business membership dues will be $25.

No boundaries were established so all businesses are eligible.

IV. Upcoming Meetings

First meeting at the HANGAR on March 19 :-)
Trailer eateries will be advised to expect a crowd
- Informational session with Mary Arnette from CLASP (neighborhood watch and more)

V. Additional Business

a. Bugs/Critters update - about 19 attended at the hangar

b. Plant fest - will be April 9 at the Hangar, from 10am - 2 pm. Janelle & Mary P co-organizers. Clifton School (antique roses, etc) and Maplewood Elem (veggies/herbs) will be selling plants. Kids activities. Hope to have music. Book sales. Master gardeners will have plant clinic so you can bring your sick plants. Neighboring communities invited. Boy Scouts will be selling hot dogs.

c. FPF coming in April - looking for articles and information on events.

d. MNA SC elections will be in June. Be thinking about nominations for May. Grant will chair through the June general meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.
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