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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 2/7/2012
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4001 Mendez St. February 7, 2012 7:00 pm
1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
2. Approval of Minutes - Candice (5 min)
a. Approved
b. Somebody moved
c. Somebody seconded
3. Treasurer’s Report - Don (20 min)
a. State and Federal filing update
b. Email manager program
c. Documentation from grant recipients
d. Corky moved that we accept the budget in theory with further discussion in the future
e. Jerry seconded
f. Budget approved in theory
g. Don asked that we reconsider insisting on receipts for every approved expenditure
-recommended we request proof that the event took place (Don)
-Kathy recommended we require FPF write-up w/ photos in reciprocation for the grant
-Don recommended that we request proof that the event took place
-Ashley moved that we request a follow-up report with request to submit photos to FPF
-Don amended: future & existing
-Dennis seconded
-motion approved
4. MEAT (Kim Wine)
a. Dusty Harshman, Phil Martinez, Kevin Foster met last night
discussed burn out with little progress possible
talked about charter idea, single sex schools, focus on Kevin running for [position]
Greg Weaver from Catellus will come to March mtg
Kevin mentioned that in last week’s “Let’s Talk” mtg, Greg mentioned another bond proposal would be coming along soon.
Considered “flex school” as an to accommodate the influx of kids from Mueller residents and surrounding neighborhoods and help solve the facilities issues
Right now, there are appx 12 diff schools in the area
MEAT is committed to meeting and reporting in to the SC
Meeting is scheduled the 1st Monday of each month. Next month’s is at Contigo at 7:30
SC suggested they establish a goal for the year
Diane suggested that we try to keep the demographics in front of the school board
Kim also stressed that they’re trying other ways to influence the school board (supporting elections, bonds, etc)
According to Catellus, there is space allotted for a school in the master plan (no designated type, size, or grade of school)
Confirmation that MEAT is an official part of the MNA
4. Existing Business - Betsy (15 min)
a. Local Area Tra!c Management (LATM) (Travis)
-City has an initiative to look at speeding in neighborhoods. 1st applications for speeding complaints were due in April
Travis submitted for Berckman. Neighbors submitted apps for Antone & Zack Scott
City will run-through their criteria against app to determine if it’s worthy of further investigation
City partnered w/ UT in a mentoring program to utilize Sr Civil Engineering students to examine pedestrian traffic issues. One of the Sr projects will be looking at compatibility w/ the Hancock Center b/w Wilshire, & Ardenwood. Looking to connect east & west as if urban rail were going in.
b. Affordable Housing & POA Let’s Talk recap
Good 1st discussion
Did Catellus say anything about next steps? No, location is off and we won’t see a proposal for that particular site.
There was plenty of dissent against the high-rise (as if it were a new idea), but it has been part of the master plan all along
Apparent issue with resale homebuyers not knowing what they’re getting into

5. New Business (20 min)
a. Race relations & community engagement (Kevin Foster?)
Is there a way to engage the community in race relations?
Kevin couldn’t be here tonight b/c he’s appearing on a radio show to discuss topics
Mention that we do not have the capacity or budget to approach this issue properly
Mention that the best way to address is it with experience and community events
Need to continue to fight a reputation of being racist & elitist
6. Action Items (5 min) (if any)
7. Plan for Feb. 18 general meeting (15 min)
a. Location - Ronald McDonald House?
b. Reconsider opposition to IBC bank on 51st? (Feb. 14 PC, then
Short story from Rick Convaniak (who lives in Windsor Park). They have new leadership on their contact team – a formal group with specified
Current status = MNA General Membership wrote a letter of opposition against drive-through lanes for a bank
To support pedestrians & Winsor Park
Decision to let our stance remain and take no further action = consensus
c. Alliance for Public Transportation (Celia Israel) - rail petition
Celia wants to be on the agenda for General Meeting to request signers on the petition
Celia is working on bond. We need to determine whether we support RAIL or Medical School
Petition is really to extend Red line
d. Airport Blvd./Schiefer - removal of restrictive covenants
News that they’ve received appx 40-50 signatures from Mueller neighbors
No news on what action Cherrywood has decided to take
Planning to change [IT?!?!?] from vertical/ mixed use overlay to commercial
Parcel owners wants all restrictions removed to allow straight commercial
Agreed to continue to wait to see what Cherrywood does
8. Additional Business/Open comments – all
For the grants, along with our new email system, the grant manager can email external neighborhood about upcoming events – idea from Kathy
On the horizon – Scillia/bond about 51st St.
1-35 up through Berckman will be examined by McCaan Adams to develop a vision for what the area will look like, considering all the upcoming businesses & traffic. This may come up to vote for support in the future. Ashley will disseminate final proposal if found.
9. Adjourn
Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee
*** Next SC meeting March 6 ***
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