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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 2/5/2013
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
4305 Scales St.
February 5, 2013
7:00 pm

1) Introductions, call meeting to order (5 min)
a) Present: Kathy, Corky, Kevin, Janeka, Belinda, Dennis, Cynthia, Ani, Grant, Kat, David, Sandy
b) Absent: James

2) Review and Approve Minutes (January 2013) - Cynthia (10 min)
a) Kathy will circulate January meeting minutes and bylaws.

3) Treasurer’s Report - Sandy (5 min)
a) Checking account balance $6138.95
b) Need to change signatories at Frost.

2) Immediate Business
a) GOALS for upcoming year? (Corky to facilitate – 20 mins)
Discussed history of group and how it started before neighborhood was built. Intent was to have an association that was made up solely of residents and did not endorse political candidates. Wanted to help set direction for developer, especially in terms of affordable housing.
Discussed possible effects city council changes could have on other groups. Could end up with no residents on commission.
Brainstormed goals and members checked the five he/she was most interested in. Categorized and listed top goals; volunteers to take lead.
Goals with numbers of members indicating greatest interest:
• External focus on contiguous neighborhoods (9)
• Work for POA representation process (9)
• Encourage local business in Mueller (6)
• Increase membership penetration (5)
• Expand grant program (5)
• 10-1 involvement (4)
• Outreach to new residents (4)
• Community gathering place (3)
• Tax status (2)
• Community building project (2)
• PIAC (1)
• Improve communication with Catellus (1)
• Coffee house (1)
b) Formed two committees: 1) External relations - Kat, Corky, Grant, and James, 2) Community Soul - Belinda, Dennis, Dave, and Ani.
c) Block Captains Discussion (10 mins)
Discussed tasks and role block captains performed, including organizing Neighborhood Night Out, annual block party.
Kevin volunteered to take the lead on working with this group. Dennis will transition responsibilities. Kathy and Janeka will help.

3) Agenda for 2/16 (10 mins)
a) Location - Meeting will be at Frost Bank on 2/16.
b) Affordable Housing – Update by Diana McIver
c) Compost Pedallers will present; YMCA will present.

4) Existing Business - various (10 min)
a) Recap of Jan 29th AISD Bond Meeting (Belinda). Belinda recounted that there was a great turnout for the meeting. The AISD Board asked questions of AISD staff about the issues. Need to concentrate on a "northeast school".

5) Action Items (5 min, if any)
a) Members need to go online and vote in Kathy's poll for March meeting dates.

6) Next meeting dates - Feb. 16 general; Kathy will send out a March date after poll complete.
a) Discuss Steering Committee meeting times/locations (online vote)

7) Additional Business/Open comments – all
a) Remember 3 unexcused absences can get you voted off the Steering Committee.
b) East side composters are delivering bins and working with Catellus to arrange party at hangar. Compost now going to New Day farm. City looking to expand beta program.
c) Need an editor for Front Porch Flyer. Can publicize through Citicite. Need InDesign skill (Mac) or other desktop publisher that outputs to PDF. Have advertisers on the table so need to expand.

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