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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 2/4/2014
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
Wildflower Terrace, 3801 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723
Tuesday, February 4th, 2014, 6:30 PM

Present: James Nortey, Janeka Rector, Karen Sharp, Sandy Parks, Mateo Barnstone, Lucky Berry, Ani Colt. Susan Egan, Corky Hilliard, Kevin McGillicuddy, Tim Moriarty, David Neider, Helen Walker, Kathy Sokolic

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order

2. Review and Approve Minutes (January MNA Meeting) – approved over email

3. Treasurer’s Report – Sandy
a. The reconciled bank balance at January 31st, 2014 is $ 7369.58. An additional $665.00 was deposited this afternoon. During January, and through February 4th, 2014, we collected $2845.00, $2220.00 for FPF ad revenue, and $625.00 in 2014 dues money. During this same period, we spent $80.00 ($40.00 MNA Neighborhood meeting coffee, ANC annual dues ($35.00) and bank fees). MNA checking account balance today is $ 8034.58.
b. “Yet to do” from fiscal year (11/30/2013): filing of the annual 990N with the IRS. The due date is April 15th, 2014.
c. To date, the Steering Committee has not received any grant applications for 2014.
d. The MNA SC has never formally adopted an annual budget. However, fiscal 2013, our cash income (dues and FPF ad income) was $ 5694.00 and cash expenditures were $ 4642.17 (neighborhood grants, FPF printing costs, dues and fees, PO box, misc supplies etc).
e. To do: new signature cards at Frost Bank for James and Sandy.
f. Fyi….Sandy has an HEB card (inherited from Kathy and Kevin) with less than $50.00 on it. Also, should anyone be purchasing items for MNA activities, the MNA is exempt from paying Texas sales and use tax effective July 2, 2013. Contact me for the necessary certificate to be presented at the time of purchase.
g. Change of Registered Agent-complete and ready for signature. $5.00 check dated February 5th, 2014 will accompany change request.
h. Texas Franchise Tax Public Information Report completed and ready to mail.

4. Icebreaker Exercise
a. James led the group through an activity to get to know each other better.

5. Old Business - Subcommittee reports - tabled

6. New Business
a. Overview of Various Players (MNA, SC, Committees, Catellus, RMMAPIAC, POA, Alliance Association Management, ANC, etc.) – James and other tenured committee members provided an overview of the various players in the management of the neighborhood
b. Special Topics –
i. Urban Rail- Janeka discussed the upcoming Project Connect meeting at Highland Center on February 8th. Important for Mueller to participate. Discussed sending a letter of support from the steering committee to Project Connect regarding Phase II.
ii. Public School in Mueller- tabled
iii. Impact of the TxDOT I-35 Capital Area Improvement Program (“Mobility 35”) plans on Mueller – Mateo drafted a letter to TXDOT from the Steering Committee to request a meeting to discuss neighborhood concerns with plan. Steering Committee reviewed letter and discussed the distribution of the letter, which will be copied to Council Members, members of the PIAC, Catellus and other city and state officials. The letter will be finalized by Mateo and James in substantially the form presented to the Steering Committee and sent at the earliest opportunity.
iv. Workforce Housing Project – James has received word that DMA has withdrawn their application for the workforce housing project due to the criteria applied by TDCA for the project. DMA will pursue other avenues and submit a new application. Committee discussed that there are other avenues for pursuing a workforce housing project.
c. Goals for 2014 – James led a brainstorming discussion of potential goals for 2014. Ideas generated included:
i. Welcome Wagon – Need a formal way to welcome new neighbors and engage them in the Mueller community. Would like to have a packet of information to give new neighbors. Need to tie into membership list and block captains. (Janeka, Kathy)
ii. Unified Communication Plan – There should be an all encompassing initiative that addresses how we communicate in and outside the neighborhood. The website committee that is currently in place has a smaller scope focusing on web presence.    (Dave)
iii. Promotion of transit options. (Dave)
iv. Engagement from apartment dwellers. Engagement efforts should also include outreach to apartment dwellers. (Dave)
v. City Council district involvement. Mueller should play a leadership role with the new district. Not to endorse candidates but provide leadership on issues. (Corky)
vi. Meet and greet with other neighborhoods. (James)
vii. Stay engaged with Mobility 35 issues. (Mateo)
viii. Create a business co-op in the neighborhood. Could be a coffee shop. (Ani)
ix. Security issues in the neighborhood as a “wrapper” for neighbor engagement. Could be neighborhood watch. More people are coming into the neighborhood without engagement. (Helen)
x. Silver Tsunami has an impact on our community. How to keep our older population engaged. Need to foster a culture that is welcoming to all generations and make it a place for everybody. (Ani, James) Carol Drennan on the PIAC was on the Advisory committee to the Mayor’s Committee on Aging who published a report on issues in the Austin area. (Corky) Should we invite Carol to present on the report findings?
xi. Ideas offered seem to line up nicely with the six pillar values of the Mueller Community. We should intentionally look at aligning goals to the values and then make our goals actionable and measurable. (Corky)
xii. James asked the committee to email him other ideas prior to next meeting when we will finalize the goals for 2014.

7. Agenda for February 15th MNA General Body Meeting –
a. Location – Wildflower Terrace Community Room
b. Tom Wald with Bike Austin has a presentation on cycle tracks and how to use them from all perspectives.
c. HEB Opportunity for Feedback and Suggestions for Cafe
d. Workforce Housing Project – Diane McIver, DMA Properties (may not attend)
e. Potential Speaker – Sinclair Black, Reconnect Austin Project

8. Action Items
a. James will send the by-laws to all committee members
b. Steering committee to email James any other ideas for goals
c. Mateo will invite Sinclair Black to MNA meeting

9. Additional Business/Open comments/Announcements
a. Bobby Gierisch of the Landscape Committee briefed the Steering Committee on the Property Owner’s Association “Let’s Talk” meeting scheduled for February 5th. The primary topic for the meeting will be how to ensure that the long-term health of neighborhood trees is attended to the best way possible.
b. Kathy offered that she will create a “how to” document for the Halloween event so that new activity chair has guide.

10. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
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