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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 2/3/2009
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 2/3/2009

Attendees: ……

I. Introductions/Welcomes
II. Approval of previous minutes (Large and SC)
III. Treasurers Financial Report – Around $1600 in account. Newsletter expenses for the year expected to be about $1200. Dusty to provide Grant/Drew online access to checking account.
IV. Affordable Senior Development – Rec’d letter from State of Texas asking for Mueller Neighborhood to either approve/disapprove of the upcoming application for the affordable senior development. Will take to the next MNA meeting. One complaint from a steering committee member was the separateness of the development, not very well integrated into the rest of the housing. Tax credit affordable housing is one of the easiest ways to meet the developments 25% affordable housing requirement. Concern also expressed on the egress and exit for emergency vehicles for the development.
V. PUD Modifications – Next PIAC meeting will cover the upcoming PUD modifications being requested. Has not been filed yet. Will be filed right before the PIAC meeting. Has to go to city council for approval.
VI. Contact teams – Neighborhood contact teams et to make plans for their areas that must be looked at when zoning changes are planned. Grant checked with city staff and they said no contact team for Mueller, at least not until the development is complete which is many, many years from now. Grant would like the MNA to go to council requesting a contact team for Mueller. We are the only PUD not covered by a neighborhood plan. Benefit is that we would be contacted and able to influence the Mueller master plan as it changes over the years.
VII. Tim Mahoney’s Presentation – Tim has requested that he be on the agenda to present his concept for a new way of neighborhood planning – de-centralized.
VIII. Postcards – Catellus chose not to contribute to the postcard funding. Looks like it will cost $85 for 1000 postcards. Dusty suggests we make them centrally available so those interested can pick some up to hand out.
IX. Wiki – Goal of effort is to create a small outline of what we would li ke the wiki on to look like – including topics such as History, Recommendations. Need to get it better organized and create awareness of the wiki.
X. Upcoming Meetings – March meeting same day as the gardening event. Will hold MNA meeting outside prior to event at same location.
XI. Additional Business/Open Comments
a. Hands of Earth CSA. To come give presentation at upcoming meeting. Would like Mueller to get enough support to have a Mueller delivery.
b. Gardening event – plan is for 11a to 3p on March 14th. Master Gardners will come and give advice. Will be tours, plantings, children’s events.
c. Bylaws – There needs to be elections in June. Need to get new people engaged. Need to get bylaws suggested changes to steering committee members. Need transition plan for steering committee members.
d. Block Captains – need map to draw new blocks.
Meeting Adjourned.
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