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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 12/6/2011
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
4001 Mendez Street
December 6, 2011 7:00 pm

A. Introductions, call meeting to order – all
1. Everyone present, except Dennis

B. Approval of Minutes - Candice McKay (5 min)
1. Corky moves that we approve them all in January

C. Treasurer’s Report - Don Dozier (5 min)
1. $227 in house now
2. Grants
a. $1000 budget
i. $640 spent
ii. $360 remaining
b. Approved grants
i. Chris Stewart - $120
ii. Egg Scramble
iii. Lake Hug
c. Accounts
i. FPF expenses for $500
ii. $200 Grant paid out to Mueller Megawatt
3. Don noted that budget could decrease with the changes proposed to the bi-laws
a. Dues are not stipulated by the by-laws
b. Changing the representation from per household to per person will affect the budget
c. Discussion of e-invoicing and/or online payment options
d. Will continue discussion in a later meeting

D. IBC bank on 51st St. - Postponed until Jan. planning commission

E. Electrical boxes – Simond & Berkman : nothing new

F. By-Law proposed changes – Approved by SC
1. Moved – Ashley
2. Second – Jerry
3. Approved by quorum
4. Formal approval still required by General Mueller Neighborhood Association (notification coming)

G. General membership in January
1. Wildflower terrace move-in delayed
2. Consider Community Relations/Philanthropy budget item
a. (Commander’s Forum, external relations tabled until January)

H. Consider payment of ANC dues - $35
1. Diane moved
2. Corky seconded
3. Approved by quorum

I. Planning for Dec. 17 general meeting at Ronald McDonald House (10am 4th floor)
1. Photo booth will be available
2. Only items of business: announce by-laws & intro to new residents or new meeting attendees
3. SC members volunteered to bring various snacks/drinks

J. Upcoming Meetings
1. General membership meeting Dec. 17
2. Next Steering Committee meetings, Jan. 3
a. Betsy won’t be present, but Kathy volunteered to hold meeting
3. General membership meeting, January 21

K. Additional Business/Open comments – all
1. Further discussion of dues
2. Motion to set dues at $5 for 2012
a. Corky made the motion
b. Kevin seconded
c. Jerry abstained
d. Kathy abstained

L. Wildflower Terrace discussion on move-in dates, suggested events (welcoming + meetings, etc)

M. Welcoming events discussion

N. No update on urban rail

O. No SC attendance at the Airport Corridor meeting

P. POA “Let’s Talk” meeting set for tomorrow. Topic = pool

Q. Northeast Small Business emergency meeting about Imagine Austin taking place on 12/7/2011

R. Adjourn
1. Motion made by Kathy
2. Seconded by Corky
3. Motion carried
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