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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 12/4/2012
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
4001 Mendez St.
December 4, 2012
7:00 pm

1) Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a) Present: Kathy, Diane, Candice, Travis, Shellie, Dennis, Kevin, Don, Betsy, Corky, Belinda, and guest Peter Marsh
b) Absent: Jerry, Reem, Ashley

2) Review and Approve Minutes - Candice (10 min)
a) Differed until next month

3) Treasurer’s Report - Diane (5 min)
a) $3900 in the bank
b) Receipt from MEAT (Mueller Education Action Team) for $129
c) Dennis moved that we approve reimbursement for the broken canopy.
d) Corky seconded
e) Approved reimbursement of $74 + tax canopy

4) New Business (30 min)
a) Road signs (parking & alley signs) - possible removal (Peter Marsh, City of Austin Transportation Dept)
i) City of Austin is looking for official MNA input
ii) Discussed pros & cons of bi-directional traffic in alleys
iii) Conducted an informal vote amid the SC members to see who’s in favor and opposed
iv) Agreed to post the topic online for neighbors to see and bring it up in the January meeting and take some action in the spring
b) Discussion of unrelated issue of parking in front of the mailboxes took place
c) City Council Redistricting Commission discussion (auditor input meeting tonight)
d) Affordable Housing: Don
i) Depending on allocation of tax credits, there will be a new affordable housing project composed of multi-family & work-force oriented residences. They will most likely include a pool and off-street parking in the Market District. Development is appx 3 years out and pending final approval/prioritization of proposal. There will be a presentation to the MNA, Winsor Park, and Cherrywood in the spring. MNA can vote to support construction at that time.

5) Existing Business - various (10 min)
a) PA system purchase by MNA (Dennis)
i) Available for block parties usage
ii) Will be utilized at the holiday party
b) SC nominations for 2013 (Betsy)
i) Appears we’ll have >16 people on the ballot
ii) Reminder to send blurb for those running
c) Thanks from CASA

6) Action Items - NONE
a) Plan for Dec. 15 general meeting/party at Wildflower Terrace (10 min) -
i) Snack/beverage arrangements, paper supplies, music
(1) Diane will bring paper goods
(2) Corky & Shellie will bring coffee
(3) Dennis will have the play list
ii) We’re also celebrating Wildflower Terrace’s 1-year anniversary (w/ a cake)
(1) 100% occupied
iii) Business
(1) Membership drive
(2) Upcoming elections
(3) Mention of upcoming topics for signs & affordable housing
(4) Reminder to bring $5 dues
(a) Must join (and pay dues) in Dec in order to vote
(b) Residents must be members for at least 14 days in order to vote

7) Next meeting date - Jan. 3 (Thursday): agreed (1/3/13)

8) Jan General meeting by default would fall on MLK weekend (1/19) w/ Ronald McDonald House reserved
a) Moved to 1/26 at Wildflower Terrace

9) Suggestion for reserving SEDL (for free or discounted rate) for the Feb meeting in order to vote for parking/signing and hear presentation on affordable housing and considering Film Society’s locale

10) Additional Business/Open comments - all

11) Adjourn

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