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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 12/2/2008
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Disclaimer: Meeting minutes are in draft form and not approved yet. Will be approved at next MNA steering committee meeting.

Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 12/2/2008

Attendees: Dusty Harshman, Drew Harris, Wilson Robertson, Grant Fisher, Ashley Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Hilary Herin, John Guest, Ann Jerome, Anthony Amaro (sp?), Karen Zabreznik

I. Introductions/Welcomes
II. Approval of previous minutes (Large and SC)
III. Treasurers Financial Report - Balance is $620 and there is one check to be deposited.
IV. Ronald McDonald Walk of Love – Friday, Dec 5th
Route will go down McCloskey – the route will be put out on the blog tomorrow.
V. ANC Report
No report; no official meetings for ANC since Tim started – tonite is the ANC Christmas party. Mueller rep is Tim Mahoney
VI. PUD Modification
a. Upcoming Meeting next Tuesday after PIAC meeting. Put together in response to MNA request to go over changes. Ashley Fisher is now member on RMMA PIAC. Dee Copeland is apparently resigning her position on the committee due to conflict of interest with her new job.
VII. Block Captains
May need to revamp the system. New map system on will help everyone identify block captains. Need to better define role and responsibilities of block captain and communicate expectations when asking for volunteers. Some responsibilities may include distributing newsletter and/or information flyers, neighborhood watch coordination. Distributing welcome packets to new neighbors. Will defer coordination of effort to Bobby G.
VIII. Commitees
a. Newsletter – Plan is for a January newsletter. Need to solicit content at next MNA meeting and on forum. Possible column suggestion by Drew is highlight different people behind the Mueller street names.
Would like to use block captains for next distribution if we can get them organized in time.
Advertising – agreement at last meeting is to limit individual advertising to a quarter page max and total advertising to less than a quarter of newsletter space. Need to set advertising rates.
Need to put newsletter email on prominent position on – tell people to email ‘’ with ideas and volunteering.
b. Events Committee – Need to market for an active social committee on forum.
i. Lighting of t he Tower – tomorrow night, Dec 3rd. Will have professional photographer available for holiday portraits.
IX. Upcoming Meetings
a. Large December Meeting – Dec 13th, 10am at Ronald McDonald house.
i. Agenda items:
1. Newsletter
2. Block Captains
3. Austin Car Share? (pay a subscription fee or one time fee to use two cars that are parked in community)
4. Solid Waste service?
Possible other speakers for future meetings;
Wildflower Center – Janelle Dozier;
Native Landscaping
Austin Energy Green Choice program
X. Additional Business/Open Comments
Energy Star certificate for homes – can get from Builder
AISD 0 Kim Wine attended recent AISD meeting with reps from Maplewood and Blanton, Jim Walker, Felicia Adams and Dr. Forgione. Demographers looking at latest numbers to decide about unnamed school on bond package.
Dr Forgione indicated Berkman will be the dividing line for the elementary schools – west of Berkman will feed to Maplewood and east of Berkman will feed to Blanton for the foreseeable future. Need to check with Claudia Kramer on her efforts to bring the Maplewood model to Blanton.

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