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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 11/8/2012
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
4001 Mendez St.
November 7, 2012
7:00 pm

1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. Present: Betsy, Shellie, Dennis, Travis, Don Jerry, Diane, Ashley, Kathy, Belinda, Corky, Kevin, Candice

2. Review and Approve Minutes - Candice (10 min)
a. Proposed Corrections
i. 99 should be 990-EZ
ii. Balance should be $4150.11
iii. 3Ci exchange “membership” w/ “fiscal”
b. Betsy moved that we approve w/ corrections
c. Ashley seconded
d. Motion approved

3. Treasurer’s Report - Diane (5 min)
a. 3 new members
b. Membership drive will begin in January (with an announcement in Dec)
c. $4160.11 = current balance
d. IRS is still assigning applications submitted prior to ours for exemption status

4. Existing Business - various (10 min)
a. SC nominations for 2013 (Betsy)
i. Tentative plan on running next year?
1. No: Don, Ashley, Diane, Shellie, Jerry, Ashley
2. Yes: Kevin, Travis, Dennis, Candice, Kathy, Corky
ii. Potentially 6 vacancies & 6 carry-overs
1. Also discussed which residents are being solicited for next year’s SC.

5. New Business (30 min)
a. Consider purchasing a PA system (Dennis)
i. It is sometimes difficult to hear speakers at our various meetings.
ii. Dennis has found a $150-system w/ rechargeable batteries, wheels, mic, and hookup for .mp3 players at Costco
1. Corky moves we purchase
2. Kathy seconded
3. Motion Approved
b. Aldrich St branding (Town Center)
i. There is a movement to refer to the Town Center as Aldrich St
1. Marketing material is already in use
ii. Discussion of pros & cons
iii. Corky proposed that we create a resolution that we ask Catellus to reconsider the branding/name of Town Center/Aldrich St
iv. Kathy seconded
v. Motion approved
1. Corky will draft it for Betsy to send
c. POA Resident Activities Committee (Belinda)
i. Met yesterday
1. Discussed the Halloween events and ways to staff with volunteers
2. There was a suggestion to dissolve the Resident Activities Committee
3. Discussion of best way to delineate activities and which organization is funding them (expectations, job duties, roles, & responsibilities)
4. Rigor of committee meetings
ii. Suggestion to clarify what are the exclusive Resident Activities Committee
iii. Reminder that we need to consider what events are for residents only in the context of our inclusivity tenet.

6. Town Center Business meeting (Kathy)
a. Decided to create a working group made up of people with key backgrounds that can contribute their expertise (not limited to Mueller residents)
b. Catellus & City will help coach small businesses in development
c. If you like a small business, advertise it online
d. Businesses are not just limited to retail & restaurants (offices, services, etc. can be included)

7. Action Items (5 min) (if any)

8. Plan for Nov. 17 general meeting (10 min) -
a. Speaker Suggestions
i. Speaker from the Farmers Market suggestion
ii. Children’s Museum suggestion
iii. Austin Playhouse suggestion - Agreed to invite them to speak (Don Toner)
b. CASA representative will come to say thanks – OK’d
c. Proposed Agenda Items
i. Membership renewal
ii. MNA SC nominations
iii. Holiday Party
1. Music suggestions – carolers, music in the player piano, .mp3 player w/ seasonal songs
2. Dennis will put together a holiday mix for the party and we’ll ask the carolers open the party with a couple of songs
3. Agreed to solicit food donations for Maplewood

9. Additional Business/Open comments – all
a. Single-Member Districts (Corky)
i. Mueller does not have a neighborhood contact team
ii. Concern that residents will not have proper representation in the contact team.
iii. Suggests that we adopt a policy to encourage that we have resident representation via neighborhood contact team
1. Belinda will lead efforts
2. Will revisit the topic after the holidays
iv. Move to geographic representation anticipated in 2016
10. Transportation Committee Update (Betsy)
a. Committee meeting at the end of the month
b. Traffic calming projects will not be implemented in Mueller
c. City is considering a 2-way cycle track for traffic calming
11. Adjourn

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