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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 11/3/2009
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MNA Steering Committee – November Meeting (4124 Lawless Street)

Call to order- 7:07pm
Attendees: Grant, Mike, Kat, Ann, Michelle Graham (Ronald McDonald House), Rob, Cliff, Kerry, Kim, Dusty, Drew

II.Existing Business
A. Ronald McDonald House (7:10 to 7:24)
Michelle and Ann speak about logistics of Lights of Love walk. Ann asked Michelle to come regarding any questions or street closures, etc. Michelle has handouts.

Issues from last time: traffic and barricades. RmcD has police officers to control traffic and help people with events (residents). Intent is to have less of an impact on neighborhood. People have received letters regarding this. Postcard going out to all residents about the event and tower lighting. Has notification signs about event.

Tower lighting: the public will arrive via Aldrich. All activities will be at the hangar. Jumbo-tron will show the lighting as well (near the hangar). It will snow at the lighting (it will snow from 6 to 8pm).

Last year 500 people ran. Registration is higher this year than last year. Kids run is only on Aldrich and Simond (only about 15 minutes). Parking is clearly marked (at Mosaic and Seton).

Q: Is there a fee for Lake Park? A: We aren't using LP.

B. Online discussions (7:24 to 7:32)
Discussions about how the MNA fits into the online discussions. The MNA does not take a stance on the HOA issues present. We will provide a forum for the discussion but will not make recommendations, etc.

Although we can serve as an advocate, because the neighborhood is divided, we cannot take a position and advocate. If there was one opinion, we could speak/recommend a stance.

C. Budget (7:32 to 8:13)
Balance $1174.61 87 Members – 56 members joined in 2008 – 31 joined in 2009. No members on Sahm and Hermalinda.
Kerry has deposited the dues received in the past few months (from memberships).

The 56 people who joined in 2008 will need to re-up to maintain their memberships in the MNA. Kerry will send excel spreadsheet to Kat. We need to become self sufficient besides the Front Porch Flyer. Although the neighborhood is family oriented, we might need to include non-family activities (adult activities). It was suggested that we have a recruitment event (e.g. – have a meeting be more of a party). Maybe we should lower the amount to bring in. Have applications? Maybe budget 4 events a year (2 children's, 2 adult) that we can fund.

Potential events: plant fest; 4th of July event; neighborhood night out; Halloween; 1 additional children's event? Maybe we should start taking applications on January 1st. Maybe we should award more weight to the past successful events. We might get some great new ideas though!

The membership committee will create the application and bring the screening criteria to the next meeting. The application will be open from January 1st to January 31st.

We have a PO Box 49123, Austin, TX 78765 at the speedway post office. Drew has the other PO Box key.

The state and federal forms will not allow PO Boxes to be used. Kerry will ask Cherrywood to see what they do for the forms.

We spoke about moving to Frost Bank. Kerry wanted to take a vote to move our account from Wachovia to Frost Bank.

Motion (Kerry) : We will move all MNA accounts from Wachovia to Frost Bank. Seconded by Kat. Votes: Yes(9) No(0) Abstain(0)

Kerry will share the account information with the SC to view (but not edit) account balances, etc.

If we want to pursue the business memberships, we should talk about it. If the FPF has a “roster” for the business memberships. The businesses would “join” the MNA at a higher rate and would be able to say that they are members. They would also be mentioned in the FPF.

Maybe the FPF can spotlight new residents and businesses in the future.

The business membership might require a receipt that is more robust than the typical receipt.

D. Schools (8:13 to 8:27)

In the last month the schools committee went door to door to gather more robust data for projections by Catellus (Dee). Claudia is drafting a letter to AISD outlying the concerns for the need of a school. What the schools committee has heard is that AISD is closer to determining which “unnamed” school is going to be named in the previous bond package.

The schools committee had a table at the Halloween committee.

Catellus only had 110 responses to their online questionnaire. The MNA schools committee went door-to-door to try to garner more responses.

AISD has a monthly meeting – perhaps it would be beneficial to attend “en mass” to a meeting.

Schools are critical to the neighborhood as a whole. If there are ways we can communicate this, we should try to capture this focus.

III.Upcoming Meetings

A. November

B. December

IV.Additional Business

ANC has distributed a traffic survey which will be distributed to the SC.

We should actively promote Mueller's activity in the Comp plan.

Drew has put together an article for the FPF about the Massage business going into Mosiac. It took her 7 months to get the lease finalized.

Kat – plant fest tentative date – Saturday April 10th. Same day as the MNA meeting.

Meeting ended at 8:37
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