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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 11/2/2010
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for Dec. 7th

MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 2 Nov 2010

Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kathy Sokolic, Diane Gierisch, Mike McGovern, Mary Piette, Kerry Fisher & Don Dozier
SC members absent: Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Michael Adams, Drew Harris, & Jim Nieto


I.Welcome & Introductions - we all new each other and were happy to have a quorum.

II.Treasurer’s Report – Kerry reported via e-mail that our balance is $1660.34. We're starting to get a few membership renewals for 2011. Upcoming expenses include the Front Porch Flyer, ANC dues and a few other minor expenses if approved by this group. Our projected balance at the end of the year would be about $1100.

A report on membership by street was reviewed. Camacho and Lawless have the most members.

We discussed a little tax scare we had this month. Grant was notified of inquiries by the Comptroller and the Secretary of State about delinquent tax filings and possible penalties. He quickly went to both offices and straightened things out, filing necessary papers on the spot. We are registered as a for-profit corporation, which means we have to file franchise tax reports. We won't have to pay any franchise tax but we do have to file the reports. This registration is thought to provide some protection for steering committee members but we will inquire further as to whether this is the appropriate status for a neighborhood association.

III.Existing Business

a. MNA Grants - No additional grants were received by the Nov. 1 deadline. We unanimously approved funding the Stitch n' Bitch request for $125 to fund materials to knit stuffed bears for children in Africa and small caps for premature babies at Dell Children's Hospital.

b. Front Porch Flyer - Grant will work up a small insert regarding membership dues and renewals for the FPF.

c. Pecan Street Project (PSP) update – Informal gathering at Elixer tomorrow morning from 8-9am. Kick-off meeting next week, Nov. 10 at 6:00 pm at Asbury Methodist Church.

d. Prop 1 - MNA did vote to support and so advised the Get Austin Moving group but they didn't appear to have published our support anywhere.

IV.Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be Nov. 20 at the Ronald McDonald House. We'll meet there for the next several months.

V.Other business – We discussed ways to get more people informed of major events and initiatives at Mueller. We want to reprint some of the yellow cards and have steering committee members go door-to-door, especially in the newer parts of the neighborhood, to talk with residents about MNA membership, the Pecan Street Project,, etc. The steering committee unanimously approved a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $375 to print 'marketing' materials to be handed out during this door-to-door educational campaign. We want to make sure that all residents are aware of the issues and the opportunities for engagement in their neighborhood.

Kerry reported that she attended the meeting of the Catellus budget committee and they have again included $2500 in their budget to support resident activities throughout the year.

Meeting adjourned about 8:00.
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