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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 11/1/2011
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee
4001 Mendez Street November 1, 2011 7:00 pm

1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. Quorum approved
i. Art & Cynthia – guests
ii. Kathy Sokolik
iii. Betsy
iv. Dennis
v. Ashley Cork
vi. Kevin
vii. Travis
viii. Jerry
ix. Diane
x. *Grant

2. Approval of Minutes - Candice McKay (5 min)
a. Minutes sent out by Jerry
b. Ashley moved we approved
c. Corky 2nded
d. Approved

3. Treasurer’s Report - Don Dozier (5 min)
a. Budget is $1000 per fiscal year Dec 1- Nov 30
b. FYTD, we’ve spent $565
c. We have committed to $695 worth of grants ($130 remaining for St. Stephen’s event)
d. Doesn’t include the Front Porch Flyer
e. Don plans to report on it every month
f. $3845 in income - $2538 in expenses = $1307
g. Balance = $3228
h. 2 new members
i. Mueller homes resident
ii. 3900 Threadgill #21 Garden Homes
i. $5 bank charge + $64.94 for welcoming committee
j. Reminder: Dues are due Nov 30, but under consideration for

4. Existing Business - Betsy Hilton (15 min)
a. IBC bank on 51st St. - planning commission Nov. 8
i. Voted to side with Windsor park opposing the drive through
ii. Meeting postponed to 11/8. Diane volunteered to go

5. Electrical boxes - Simond & Berkman
a. Meeting set up with Catellus on 11/17 – Joe, Janelle, Bobby, Betsy, Dennis to explore landscaping alternatives

6. Halloween debrief
a. Catellus will take over Halloween Carnival next year at the Hangar

7. Grant Requests (15 min)
a. Egg Scramble, $150
i. Ashley moved we approve out of next fiscal year
ii. Don 2nded
b. Welcome Spring at Lake Park, $100
i. Ashley moved we approve out of this fiscal year
ii. Don 2nded
c. MegaWatt Party on Nov 6 (Art & Cynthia)
i. Requesting $200 for port-a-potty and ice
ii. Expecting appx 300 people: including City of Austin, Austin Energy, Pecan Street
iii. Several costs have been covered by other donations (i.e. tables & chairs)
iv. Still may need $200+ for food license to serve lemonade
v. Corky moved that we fund $200 for MegaWatt party
vi. Kathy Sokolik 2nded
vii. Approved
viii. SC will reimburse Art & Cynthia with their receipt

8. Committee Activities (20 min)
a. ANC & ANC East report (Grant/Jerry)
i. Abstaining on votes = votes against affirmative = negative
ii. East Austin 12th St proposal was voted on & Grant supported
iii. Single-Member districts were voted on and supported Austin Regional
iv. 10-0-1 plan was voted on, which means number of districts – not
1. Maps show Mueller on the east side, geographically
2. Elections are moved to November
v. Short-term rentals issue was tabled for next meeting
vi. ANC has moved to support an ordinance regarding short-term rentals. Resolution is that you can have up-to 30 days of short-term rentals. Short-term rentals must be < 10 days. Must have homestead on the property (city law to avoid hotel/motel taxes)
vii. POA may have short-term rental rules for Muller
viii. Grant will not take a position on any issues, but will vote on administrative proposals
ix. ANCE – next lunch group meeting is next Tuesday. Mueller Grocery Store is on the agenda for the meeting (51st/Berkman)

9. Report on External Relations (Kathy)
a. No report
b. Travis – There has been a focus on East 11 & 12th St, but study is still out and meeting will be scheduled

10. Welcoming/integrating new residents (Dennis, Corky, all)
a. Official process still being mapped out
b. We’re counting on block captains until process is mapped out
c. Corky suggests we establish a strategy to welcome folks in the Wildflower Terrace and volunteered to help
i. No one is sure about the retail, but developer is supporting anything for 55+ demographic
ii. Move-in starts in November

11. By-laws review & discuss postponement of dues collection - Don Dozier (10 min)
a. Revisions committee emailed preliminary proposal w/ changes highlighted. Revisions will need to be approved by SC, then General Membership must vote on it and must be approved by 60% of a quorum.
b. Suggests special meeting to discuss bylaws only
c. Hot topic = move fiscal year from Nov to June
i. Don called for a motion to extend current membership/collection until 1/31/2012
ii. Jerry 2nded
d. Radical topic = change representation from individual to household
e. Suggested that we hold a special SC meeting to cover bylaws

12. Upcoming Meetings – Betsy Hilton (10 min)
a. General membership meeting Nov. 19
i. Speaker from Children’s Museum present
b. Next Steering Committee meetings, Dec. 6
c. December General Membership scheduled for 12/17, looking toward Ronald McDonald house to hold mtg
d. Additional Business/Open comments – all
i. Update from Catellus has been requested about pricing on housing gap. Send questions/concerns to Ashley
1. Travis mentioned we should consider how our SC represents a growing community
2. Corky agreed that this is a discussion we need to continue to have
3. City of Austin, TXDot,. Wil County commissioner, et al were together at ATC meeting to discuss transportation issues with Austin
a. Go to KXAN website for more info

13. Adjourn
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