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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 10/4/2012
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
4001 Mendez St.
October 4, 2012
7:00 pm

1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. Present: Dennis, Candice, Jerry, Corky, Don, Ashley, Diane, Betsy, Kevin, Belinda, Kathy, Travis
b. Absent: Reem, Shellie,

2. Review and Approve Minutes - Candice (10 min)
a. Dennis moved to accepted the minutes as corrected (See Section D.a.i.)
b. Corky seconded
c. Motion carried

3. Treasurer’s Report - Diane (5 min)
a. $4150.11 in account
b. Tax exemption short form has been mailed in 990-EZ
c. Discussion of fiscal year start/end dates to accommodate submission of tax forms
i. Membership years do not necessarily need to be the same as the fiscal year, but there are reasons for having the the officer terms and fiscal years coincide
ii. Currently, bi-laws indicate fiscal year ends in January
iii. Tabled the discussion for next month’s meeting

4. Halloween Proposal for reimbursement (Belinda)
a. See attached proposal: Addendum A
b. Corky moves we authorize up to $200 for Belinda’s
c. Ashley seconded it
d. Motion carried
e. 10/28 Ellen Wooten Park from 3-5pm

5. Existing Business - various (20 min)
a. Neighborhood Watch update (Betsy)
i. Curtis LaFaitte held a meeting for interested neighbors. Group decided against signs & uniforms, but for further education. It was noted that Mueller is not a very high crime area.
b. National Night Out de-brief
i. There was discussion of local/block parties vs the larger neighborhood party at Ella Wooten
ii. Suggestion to consider having a Mueller-only neighborhood block party
c. AISD/bond update (Ashley)
i. October 23rd 6pm Reagan & October 25th 6pm at Crockett - meetings as a forum to explore potential May 2013 bond
ii. Plans to solicit volunteers including and beyond MEAT as coordinated speakers

6. Future meeting locations – review
a. Hangar: October
b. Ronald McDonald: November
c. Wildflower Terrace: Holiday Party in Dec
i. Suggestion to solicit resident musicians to play their instruments at the party

7. New Business (10 min) (if any)
a. any?
b. Action Items (5 min) (if any)

8. Plan for October 20th general meeting (10 min) –
a. Location - Browning Hangar
b. Affordable Housing - Tommy Tucker (Catellus)
i. Tucker will facilitate a general, affordable discussion
ii. Communication plans are under improvement
iii. There is discussion of another affordable location within Mueller (close to grocery store across Berkman)
c. Keep Austin Healthy PAC (supports Central Health Prop 1)
i. Limited to 5 minutes
ii. Informational only. No action planned.
d. RMH Lights of Love (Dec. 7) - Ann Jerome
e. Reminder - SC elections in January

9. Additional Business/Open comments – all
a. 7-11 Update: We are getting a 7-11 convenience store w/ gas pumps.
b. Filming – Terrance Mallick and cast is in the neighborhood
c. Steering Committee membership
i. Members are nominated then existing committee votes on slate and nominations from the floor
ii. Officers are voted in by the SC
iii. According to the bi-laws, nominating committee must be 5 members, no more than 3 can be current members of the SC
d. November SC Meeting will be on the 5th or the 7th – whichever is NOT the POA meeting night

10. Adjourn
a. Ashley
b. Kathy seconded
c. Motion carried

ADDENDUM A (not available - see attachment to post)

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