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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 10/3/2013
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
4120 Lawless
October 3, 2013
7:00 pm

Present: Cynthia Cammack, Ani Colt, Corky Hilliard, James Nortey, Janeka Rector, Sandra Parks, , Belinda Roberts,
Absent: Grant Fisher, Kat Malcom, Kevin McGillicudy, Dennis Mick, David Neider, Kathy Sokolic

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order

2. Review and Approve Minutes (September 2013 General Meeting) - Cynthia
a. Reviewed draft. Approved pending corrections; Cynthia will make corrections and circulate via email.

3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy (please email...)
a. The MNA received $70.00 (Dues $30.00 and FPF $40.00) in September, and we spent $125.00.
b. $120.00 of the amount spent was to reimburse Dave Neider for Elixir coffee, for MNA general meetings, for the months of July, August, and September; $5.00 was monthly bank fee.
c. Bank balance at September 30, 2013 was $5888.04
d. Additional informal discussion points about MNA financial processes:
• Who are the current paid “business members”; Sandy believes the current annual “business member” MNA dues are $25.00
• We have no information in treasurer’s files listing the “business members”-need to contact Dennis for assistance
• MNA’s membership year will now coincide with the MNA’s IRS fiscal year of November 30- (per the September MNA member vote)
• Need to begin planning membership drive for the new year-contact Dennis for assistance
• Need to suggest proposals to SC at November meeting for recruiting new business members, dues amounts, etc-contact Dennis for assistance
• Suggestion made that we include MNA membership application, with an enclosed envelope, with FPF (fall edition)
• Suggestion made that we distribute MNA membership applications to block captains

4. Existing Business
a. Subcommittee Reports
i. Report from Community Enhancement Subcommittee - Dave
1. Dave was absent but from information he shared previously, we understand there is a date in November for the Alamo event; date verified as November 4.
ii. Rail Subcommittee update – Janeka
1. Janeka has attended four meetings. About 25 neighborhood area people have participated in Project Connect. Important to encourage people to show up.
iii. 10-1 James/Kathy
1. James reported that the new map aggregates Mueller with downtown. It is not close to East Austin neighbors, and area would make be difficult for new candidates since it's dominated by two incumbents. Since there are still four sessions to get input, and the final map not due until December, things can still shift. James recommended we help residents understand the importance of this issue, how it will influence City Hall, and what we have to lose - influence - by being aligned with groups that are powerful but have dissimilar interests.
2. Action item: James and Ani will work on an activity to help create a sense of urgency. They will also try to get Catellus involved in supporting this.
b. 4020 Airport Blvd Tract - Corky
i. Neighborhood associations in the area have not yet declared a position, except one that to support current restrictions and wishes of adjacent residents. Recommended that we table this issue until other neighborhood associations have declared positions, and we have more information. Move to table issue approved.
c. Halloween Carnival - Kathy
i. Halloween Carnival October 27, 3 to 5 PM, Ella Wooten Park. Belinda reported that Kathy had carnival planning underway, and that more volunteers would be needed. Volunteer call will go out via

5. New Business
a. T-shirts - this issue was tabled due to several complications. Dave is working on this.

6. Agenda for October 19 General MNA meeting
a. Location - Wildflower Terrace Media Room
b. Project Connect on agenda
c. Suggestion to have Bruce Elfant Tax Assessor-Collector for a presentation
d. Decided on 5 minutes for health survey follow-up
e. Urban rail with intro to issues
f. 10-1
g. Resolution for local business - James wrote one with help from Dennis and Belinda. It provides the formal position that we want local businesses in the area - would provide Catellus with evidence/declaration to take to businesses.
h. Also want to talk about MNA calendar - dues, holiday events, elections, neighborhood events

7. Additional Business/Open comments – all

8. Adjourn
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