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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 10/28/2008
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Disclaimer: Meeting minutes are in draft form and not approved yet. Will be approved at next MNA steering committee meeting.

Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 10/28/2008

1. Meeting minutes approval – blanket approval of all prior meeting minutes motion made and passed.
2. Treasures Financial Report
6 new members
$600 balance in checking account
$35 check to write to ANC – Mueller representative is Tim Mahoney. Can elect another rep at a later time if we’d like.
3. Prop 2
Grant has been talking to lots of the neighborhoods about voting against Prop 2
4. PUD Modification
Changes are being requested that would increase residential and decrease commercial, civic and office space in MR2 and MR3 in the tower district. Concerns amoung residents under contract next to these areas.
No action for steering committee to take – simply informational purposes for the SC. Up to residents bordering the area being changed to raise concerns if they have them. SC can inform the membership of the information at the membership.
Good idea is to direct concerned residents to the RMMA PIAC meeting
5. Committees
• Welcome Committee – a new short simple welcome card has been created with succinct information for new residents – phone numbers and such
• Newsletter – Jan 15th target for next quarterly newsletter. Would be easy to go to an 8 page spread from a 4 page spread. Still need to figure out advertising for the newsletter.
Distribution – still need to figure out distribution of newsletters. Block captains maybe?
MC website will have a new map soon that will list block captain areas.
• Party Committee? There is an event committee – we need to build it out.
Upcoming Events – none planned during the holidays.
Christmas/Holiday Party? No…let’s just piggyback on the Catellus event.
Lighting of the Tower
6. Amendments of Bylaws –
Two things may need to be changed in bylaws – the supermajority rule – in our bylaws it says a vote will be taken and a majority will win. Per Drew was done correctly – the initial vote was won by a majority; at any time the membership can decide how they want to vote on future items. Second item was that new dues paying members cannot vote their first meeting.
Best option is to wait and do it once a year at end of year.
John suggests a bylaws committee to review the bylaws annually. Drew, John and Grant will participate on the committee.
7. Upcoming meetings – everyone is OK with a December MNA meeting.
Dec Steering Committee meeting would occur between Xmas and New years. We could push it a week or have it Jan 6th.
8. Additional Business/Open Comments –
Home Depot meeting – Grant attended the day labor site and can explain how the site works.
Concern by Windsor park because anti-solicitation laws don’t cover Cameron Rd area.

Other comments:
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