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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 1/7/2014
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Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
HEB Community Room
January 7, 2014
7:00 pm

Present: Cynthia Cammack, Grant Fisher, Corky Hilliard, Kat Malcom, Dennis Mick, David Neider, James Nortey, Sandy Parks, Janeka Rector, Kathy Sokolic.
Also Diane Gierisch.
Absent: Ani Colt, Kevin McGillicuddy, Belinda Roberts

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order

2. Review and Approve Minutes (Dec 2013)
a. No minutes to approve. No SC meeting was held in December.

3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy
a. The reconciled bank balance at December 31st, 2013 is $ 5269.58. During November and December 2013, we collected $275.00, all dues money. During November and December 2013, we spent a total of $848.46, including Halloween Carnival reimbursements ($250.00), Block Captain meeting refreshments, and the FPF fall edition printing (1000 copies).
b. The November 30th, 2013 checking account balance was $5044.58 (our fiscal year end). We started the fiscal year, December 1, 2012, with $3992.75 in the bank.
c. January 2014 deposits to date are $330.00; $220.00 for FPF ad income, and $110.00 for dues.
d. The MNA’s 990N federal tax filing is due April 15th, 2014. In kind items/services donated to the July 4th celebration, the Halloween Carnival and our MNA meetings will be included on the MNA’s financial statements and tax return with the best estimates possible. These items will be included as an income item under the caption “Contributions-Donated good & services” with an offsetting expense. Net change to cash is zero.
e. 5-Business memberships for the 2014 fiscal year-a new initiative to pursue-New SC agenda item
o 6-FPF billings have been sent advertisers for 2014. We are starting to receive 2014 FPF ad dollars.
o 7-Rewrite Bylaws to reflect the September 2013 MNA general vote-our membership year end now coincides with our tax fiscal year end (November 30th).

4. Existing Business
a. Mueller 101 report and postings
The Mueller 101 report has been posted to all Mueller groups and shared with two external groups that requested it. Discussed ways to reach additional audiences and those who attended. Cynthia will post relevant sections in NextDoor, Citicite, Facebook. Will also send via outreach list to neighborhood groups around us.
b. Subcommittee reports/discussion/etc.
i. Report from Comm Enhancement Subcommittee, Dave
Next meeting is Jan 14; group did not meet the past month. Will start up with same goals, but still want to work on education about shopping local. Catellus and city are putting package together with resource clearinghouse, other information for local businesses.
Website subcommittee – next meeting is Jan 14. Kevin updated front page on website.
ii. Rail Subcommittee update – Janeka
Rail decisions have been made. Janeka will continue to attend some related city hall meetings.
iii. Aldrich Street Update – Dusty (written)
Dusty could not attend, sent written update as follows:
1. We have had 3 of 4 "primer" meetings with the working group. You can
elaborate on those, but they have been fruitful from my perspective.
2. We, as Mueller residents, will push/lobby for continued dialogue on
those 10 items we've presented on and published in the FPF.
3. We will also try to keep our neighborhood in the loop. Right now, my
best idea is a neighborhood podcast.
iv. Front Porch Flyer Update – Dusty (written)
Dusty also sent an update on the Front Porch Flyer:
1. We are considering adding another print sheet that would take the Flyer
from 12 to 16 pages. It might increase the amount of money raised from the
current $1,000 to $2,000 after expenses. This would only be done if the FPF
editorial staff believes we have the ability to fill the non-advertising
space with additional content.
2. We would like to confirm that at least three members of the MNA steering
committee serve on the Front Porch Flyer editorial staff. This has been an
informal arrangement in the past, and as the neighborhood grows, it makes
sense for this to become formal. It will maintain a healthy connection
between the FPF and MNA.
3. In general, we are trying to add members to our editorial staff. We
have recently been joined by another talented graphics design neighbor who
will be sharing layout with Elizabeth Brummett.

5. SC elections – Diane Gierisch
Diane is part of the nominating committee that is organizing the voting process to take place at the next general meeting. Other members are Grant, Dennis, Luke Downs, and Jenny Robson. Diane passed out statements of interest for current candidates and described process for voting. To encourage continued participation, MNA members would like to announce before the election that those who are not elected can participate on sub-committees.

6. New Business
a. T-Shirts for MNA sales? Table for next SC. (Tabled for discussion at next meeting.)
7. Agenda for January 18 General MNA Mtg
a. Location – Wildflower Terrace Community Room - 10:00 AM
c. PIAC update
d. Project Connect - Speaker
e. Sarah Eckhardt stopping by
f. Austin Children’s Shelter CARE stopping by
8. Action Items
a. No action items.
9. Additional Business/Open comments
a. Dennis Mick announced our appreciation for Kathy’s work this year as MNA President.
b. Kat announced the next Mueller Social Hour will be Wednesday, Jan 22, 5-7 PM at Waterloo on 38th St.
10. Adjourned at 7:55 PM.

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