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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 1/3/2012
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting

4305 Scales St. January 3, 2012 7:00 pm

1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. In attendance:
i. Corky
ii. Kathy
iii. Diane
iv. Ashley
v. Don
vi. Dennis
vii. Candice
viii. Jerry
ix. Shelley
x. Travis
xi. Kevin

2. Approval of Minutes - Candice (5 min)
a. Corkey moved
b. Shelley seconded
c. Motion carried

3. Treasurer’s Report - Don (5 min)
a. We have $3602
b. Last month we had $2527
c. FPF has sold out all ads for next year!
i. Received appx $1080 and expecting a total of $2980
ii. $2000 allocated for printing
d. $800-900 coming
e. $5 Frost Bank Fee
f. Preliminary budget in preparation for next year
g. Projection of $2600-2700 balance
h. Membership/Invoicing
i. Shelley suggested we use mailchimp to notify members of dues
ii. Don needs email list for treasurer duties
iii. Good tool for mass updates
iv. Peggy Kruger (Corky’s friend & incoming neighbor) offered to help w/ membership too

4. Existing Business - Kathy (10 min)
a. IBC bank on 51st St. - Feb. 14 planning commission
b. Electrical boxes recap - NCC input on future locations
i. New construction council is reviewing new incoming concerns

5. Hancock Golf Course community forum (Kevin)
a. Considering upgrading golf course since utilization has declined
i. There will be a series of more meetings
ii. Possibility for a park

6. New Business (30 min)
a. Affordable Housing discussion (Jerry)
i. Austin City Councilmembers have been meeting about affordable housing
1. Mueller is considered a rich target area for affordable housing
2. Most recently, a project called “Mueller Place” has been proposed by Foundation Communities and would be located across from Wildflower Terrace
a. Foundation Communities has already consulted Catellus
3. City plans to develop another housing site somewhere with 85% deeply affordable housing
i. No locations have been determined yet, but application process can be lengthy and Mueller is expected to start the process soon (if not already)
4. There is a concern that only $60k has been budgeted for supportive community programs/infrastructure (i.e. management, childcare, etc) for proposed development
5. Jerry can provide more details, if needed
ii. External relations committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow, January 3 at 6:30pm at Kathy’s house -4104 Lawless
b. City’s neighborhood traffic calming program (Travis)
i. Simple application for residents or organizations to petition the city for neighborhood area concerns with speeding
ii. 1st round of applications are due April 1 | 2nd round due Oct 1
1. Particular resident on street in question/of concern must take ownership of the application
2. If warranted, city will do a speed study, design a traffic-calming plan, work w/applicant owner, and possibly implementation
3. Prioritization based on funds & necessity
4. Will notify Catellus transportation committee & notify block captains

7. Action Items (10 min)
a. a. Consider Community Relations/Philanthropy budget item (Commander’s Forum, external relations), including annual gift to Ronald McDonald House in consideration of meeting facilities
i. Commander’s Forum is typically a pot luck event and warrants no donations
ii. Ronald McDonald House
1. Ashley moved that we donate $100 to the Ronald McDonald house
2. Travis seconded the motion
3. Motion carried
iii. It was agreed that we will include $25/month for 4 (winter) months in the budget for meeting expenses

8. Plan for Jan. 21 general meeting @ Ronald McDonald House = ANNUAL MEETING (10 min)
a. Raffle
i. Kevin volunteered to purchase 4 $10 gift cards to raffle off at the meeting
ii. Betsy was volunteered to bring the raffle tickets
b. Bylaws revisions
i. 21 members must be present to vote (requirement)
ii. Don will bring hand-outs briefly explaining the changes to the bylaws and he will speak about them to the association
c. Membership renewals
i. Kathy will re-create the membership forms and bring them to the meeting
d. Agenda items
i. Preview of upcoming events
ii. Social/Community group intros (i.e. stitch-n-b*tch, book clubs, etc)

9. Additional Business/Open comments – all
a. There is a concern that the old fire pit in the park should be filled in or changed to no longer resemble a fire pit. A fire was recently left unattended.
b. The UT group who is investigating healthy living in Mueller is interested in hosting a forum to further discuss the topic. Diane will send out more info to SC.
c. The 2.79 acres between Patterson Park & 40th St is the proposed site for a medical office/pharmaceutical building (up to 5 stories)
i. Contact Gerard Kinney will concerns or to help efforts

10. Adjourn
a. Corky moved that we adjourn the meeting
b. Diane seconded the motion
c. Motion carried
Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee
*** Next SC meeting Feb. 7 ***

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