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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Mintes 7/28/2009
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Reminder that the MNA steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m on September 1, 2009 at 4124 Lawless.

MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 28 July 2009

Steering Committee Attendees: Timothy Brummett, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Cliff Spinac and Kim Wine
SC members absent: Rob Clinchard

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Financial Report
a. Dusty and Kerry are working through the transition of treasurer duties. A proposal was made to secure a PO Box so a consistent address for MNA could be established. This proposal passed unanimously later in the meeting.
b. Membership participation was discussed. Several streets have no members of MNA. Dues is minimal ($10/year) and the MNA will have more clout if it represents a higher percentage of the community. This is an area that the membership committee will try to address.

III. Minutes – June minutes of the steering committee meeting were approved without changes.

IV. New Business
a. Pool Hours - Jennifer Harvey was unable to attend but she provided Grant with an update on current discussion about the pool hours. See the attachment (at the end of this message) for her response.
b. Solar installation approval - Jennifer Harvey provided Grant with an update on procedures for getting HOA approval for solar roof installations. See attachment.
c. Schools – Kim Wine is working on the agenda and planning for the August MNA general meeting that will focus on the school issue. She’s invited several key speakers and has arranged for Jim Walker to moderate the discussion. The focus of the discussion is not just on the immediate issue regarding the closure of Pearce middle school (which will impact future phases of Mueller), but on what we can do to help improve schools in East Austin. The meeting will be in the Mosaic apartments. Kim also plans to create a school/education group on
d. Welcome committee – Bobby Gierisch expressed his willingness to turn over the leadership of this committee and Ann Jerome agreed to step in. Kat Malcolm volunteered to be a central liaison for block captains if needed.
e. Phase 3 development – There was discussion about the lag in starting Phase 3 infrastructure. Builders are nearly out of inventory. It’s thought that this will be a topic at the next PIAC meeting.
f. Visioning process – more ideas (inform, organize, entertain, represent) were discussed but we were running out of time. Bobby suggested with have a facilitated exercise to discern the vision for MNA.

IV. Upcoming Meetings
a. MNA general meeting is at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 8th at the Mosaic apartments. The focus will be on schools/education and how we can get involved.

V. Additional Business/Open Comments
a. SC members unanimously approved the motion to secure a PO Box at $40/year.
b. Tim Brummett is working on efforts to promote Mueller, including notifying the media about the July 30th meeting with Meridian Solar and the unveiling of the solar sunflowers along IH 35.
c. Drew mentioned that the Front Porch Flyer should be out soon - perhaps at the Aug. 8th meeting.

MNA Steering Committee minutes 28 July 2009

from Jennifer Harvey:
1. What is the possibility, if any, of keeping the pool open for a longer season for residents? (potentially on a "reduced schedule" MWF, etc.) What is the possibility of keeping it open year round for lap swimmers?

There are many factors to consider regarding the cost to keep the pool open longer during the off-season. First, the pool is open during the off-season according to most pool schedules; we open two months earlier and stay open two months longer than any City of Austin pools and most HOA pools. Second, last October we had approximately two swimmers, please keep this in mind when considering the cost ratio per swimmer. The cost to clean the restrooms is approximately $1,000 per month during the off-season months we are currently open (i.e. September). While we do have some maintenance costs during the months that it is closed they are not close to the cost if people are swimming, it would be much more expensive to maintain the water quality at a “swimmable” level as well as the electricity costs to run the pumps much more often.

The cost to heat a pool the size of Ella Wooten is several thousand dollars over the winter season and the heater itself will run about $20,000 according to the pool company. While this may be possible in the future, it is not currently in the budget. The pool committee has looked at options to allow a “Master Swimmer” program to swim year-round and pay for the costs to keep it open and heated however with the number of interested people we heard from it was not financially feasible, perhaps in the future this may change, we are certainly open to it but many residents do not want to pay increased dues to allow people to swim in the winter.

The “reduced schedule” does not really decrease costs because we still have to clean the restrooms, run the pumps as often and keep a stable chemical level. The POA is certainly willing to look at options but this is not currently in the budget so there would have to be ways to pay for itself.

2. A large group of residents (15+) is currently looking to "group purchase" solar panels from a to-be-determined company. What can be done to expedite the POA/Modification Committee request for this large group of residents?

Each owner would still have to apply separately. We are working on “pre-approval guidelines” for solar panels but they will not be finalized and approved for some time. Each owner would apply separately but they could apply at the same time and I would let the committee know the situation and they could all be approved as quickly as possible, however it would still take approximately 2 -3 weeks to review fully and could take up to 60 days.

6 out of 6 requests for solar panels at Mueller have been approved to date. None have been denied. All have been approved with only the condition that the panels do not rise above the roof ridges. I would not anticipate this group having any problem getting a quick approval if they note that they will follow this condition in the application and submit a roof plan with the application.

Also, I spoke with Shanda from Texas Solar Power Company and we discussed the application process in detail yesterday.
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