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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 9/17/2011
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MNA Meeting, September 17, 2011

1. Welcome/introduction of new residents
Treasurer’s report - $3283.38; 204 household members

2. PIAC update - Urban Rail & Mueller connection (Ashley)
Ashley Fisher, Chair of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport (RMMA) Planning and Implementation Advisory Committee (PIAC), gave an update on the last meeting. Jerry Perkins is the newest member, appointed by Kathie Tovo. There is a “51st Street Visioning Process” underway for development along 51st Street. Gerard Kinney / McCann Studios are working together to get started. Betsy will be attending these meetings to represent the MNA. The first meeting is September 22nd, and Betsy will post notes. ACTION – Send what YOUR vision would be for 51st Street to Betsy at
The Pecan Street Demonstration house will be breaking ground soon, as a live/work space. It is being designed by Michael Shu, and will be at the corner of Antone and Berkman.
Urban rail and the significance to Mueller – Currently the route has the rail connecting to the Red Line under I-35, then coming over to Mueller. The Rail priorities are first for the medical complex, town center, multi-family structures, then single family homes. There are 3 station stops proposed. There is also a possibility for Mueller to house a maintenance center for the rail cars, which could put Mueller in an early phase of construction and development. This is only a proposal…but if Mueller supports this, it could be a plus to get us into the mix more quickly. This is a complicated process, and the sooner we get started, prior to other building going in, the better. Catellus has been very involved with the City and is working to get the best rail system possible. ACTION – Get input from the neighbors to make sure everyone is on board. We will vote in October to send a letter in support of the rail and maintenance center to Council.

3. MNA organizational update -
a. Educational Committee – Steering Committee voted to make the Mueller Education Action Team (MEAT) or a similar organization a standing committee with the MNA due to the importance of this topic to our neighborhood. Reem will be the MEAT liaison to the Steering Committee. If anyone is interested in participating, please contact Kim Wine at
b. External Relations – An exploratory “ad hoc” committee has been formed to advise the Steering Committee on whether or not an “external relations” committee would benefit the MNA. This committee would find additional ways for Mueller and the residents to interact with the surrounding neighborhood, support east Austin, and really integrate into the east side. Currently, discussions are being held via an email list. Kathy Sokolic will be heading up the exploration, so if you would like to participate in brainstorming and activities, please let her know ( The first big activity will be participating in Neighborhood Night Out on October 4th.
c. By-laws review – The MNA Bylaws are currently being reviewed by a Steering Committee group, and a proposal has recently been sent out for review. The MNA will need to vote on any changes to the bylaws. More information will be coming soon.

4. Airport Blvd visioning workshop update (Kat) – There is a huge study underway for the revitalization of Airport Blvd. Currently, the plan is only for the section from Lamar to I-35, but they hope to include the section in front of Mueller. The City really wants input from neighbors. The next meeting is October 1st at the George Washington Carver Center from 10 to noon. This is an informal, drop-in style meeting. Then, the same format will happen October 3rd from 5:30 to 7:30 at the church on 51st Street. It appears that the City doesn’t want to run out any current businesses, but it seems we’ll have to really fight to help the locals stick around. For more info, visit

5. Neighbor Night Out - Oct. 4th - 5-7pm @ Hangar, then blocks on their own.
The MNA hopes everyone can make it to the Hangar from 5 to 7 on October 4th for NNO! All of Austin (or at least all of the east side) is invited to this central location for festivities. Please come out and meet our east side neighbors!
After the festivities at the Hangar, blocks are on their own. Block parties or get-togethers are encouraged!!

6. Volunteer opportunities - block captains, committees,
LOTS of opportunities for volunteering coming up! The Halloween party is around the corner and Jenny Robson can use help! She will be calling for volunteers on, so keep your eyes peeled.
We are also accepting new block captains, and information has also been posted on

7. Announcements
a. Stage 2 water restrictions & water your trees!
b. House number visibility – make sure your house number is visible. This is important for emergency services, home deliveries, and also so your friends can find you. Think about adding your house number to your garage area for emergency reference. Also, DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF MAILBOXES!
c. Pecan Street Update. Pecan Street has shortened their name (no more Project) and has completed the solar installation incentives program. This summer in Austin, there were about 260 solar installations with about 167 of those in Mueller. Good work, neighbors! Increased participation for the Smart Grid Study at Mueller will be coming soon, with a variety of Home Energy Management Systems to be installed for your testing purposes. See for more information, or email

8. Raffle

9. Adjourn

*Many thanks to Kathy Sokolic for taking notes during this meeting* ~Candice McKay (MNA Steering Committee, Secretary)
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