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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 9/16/2007
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes – 9/16/2007

Attendees: Ashley Fisher, Karen Zabreznik, Katherine Schmid, David Frank
Felicia Adams, Michael Adams, Jim Walker, Tal Tversky, Jenna Martin,
Cliff Spinac, Steve Lopez, Joe Denton, Betsy Hilton, Kim Wine

I missed a couple names and email addresses before folks left and correct me if I got any names wrong.

1st meeting of the new Mueller Neighborhood Assn group! Great turnout.
Plan is to continue meeting 2nd Sunday of each month 3 – 5pm.
Need more space so Kim is going to check into using St George’s for next month’s meeting.
Jim communicated that Home Depot will be moving into the retail center.
Discussed the need for community building; working with Catellus to notify & meet all our neighbors. Good idea was to send a letter to our new address and see if it gets forwarded – if it does we can contact all new homeowners that way.
Also discussed need to drive builders to offer more green building options in current and future phases. Jim indicated they are looking at expanding the Leeds program to include residential homes and that could be incorporated into Mueller.
There are a couple of positions open on the Mueller commission for anyone interested!
There will be a grocery focus group coming up for those interested.
The affordable program vision at Mueller does include two tax credit complexes, one for low income elderly and one for families.

Identified following special interest areas that the association might want to focus on. Names next to each indicated interest in participating.

• HOA Task Force – Dusty Harshman & Ashley Fisher. Will definitely be some worksessions coming up soon on this topic. Karen Z to contact Catellus and get specifics on when first task force meeting will take place.
• Mueller Commission meetings – Karen will take notes, post on the sites and report back
• Schools – Felicia Adams, Kim Wine
• Landscaping – Catherine Schmid, Cliff Spinac, Joe Denton
• Transportation – Grant Fisher, Joe Denton, Betsy Hilton
• Green Building – Kim Wine
• Affordable Housing
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