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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 8/21/2010
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The meeting was held at the picnic tables outside the pool at Ella Wooten park, where meetings will be held throughout the summer months. Grant opened the meeting and asked members of the Steering Committee in attendance to introduce themselves.

Bartholomew Park Master Plan – Greg Montes with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Dept (PARD) was our guest speaker. Greg spoke about ongoing efforts to develop a master plan for the 50 acre Bartholomew Park site, located across 51st St. at Berkman. A lot of maintenance and updating is needed for many of the park features, which are 50-60 years old. The pool has been closed the past two summers due to a crack in the pool. Rather than repair items in a piecemeal fashion, they want to get community input on the features at the park and work maintenance issues with an overall master plan in mind. Additional uses being discussed include an off-leash dog area, volleyball courts, and trails that will connect with Mueller trails.

They've had two public meetings and the 3rd meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 26th. It's been posted on More information can be found at They hope to finish their final report by the end of this year.

During Q&A, Greg said the Bartholomew pool may reopen in 2012, depending on CIP budgets. A request was made for the pool to have a chair lift so those who can't walk can use the pool. He also said that no designs have been done for the new property PARD is getting as part of the AE substation deal. The community has expressed a desire for preserving the canopy of the many trees in that area. Windsor Park NA has been talking with Catellus about making the crossing of 51st at Berkman safe for bicyclists and pedestrians as both our neighborhoods will be accessing facilities across 51st St.

Front Porch Flyer – Summer issue should be out this week. More volunteers are needed to keep this effort going. The same four people have done it since the beginning. Contact to volunteer. They need help with editing, coordinating advertisements, and many other areas.

Treasurer’s Report – We have $2087 and are in good shape. We'll be funding another round of MNA grants. An announcement and application form should be posted to today. Selections will be made at the Sept. 7 Steering Committee meeting. Block parties are not eligible for grants but other community events are eligible. The maximum grant is $100.

Neighbor Night Out (NNO) – As part of this national crime prevention effort, NNO will be held here (and across Texas) on Tuesday, October 5th. Catellus will organize a community-wide event at Ella Wooten Park from 6-7pm, and hopefully the police and fire departments will be able to attend. Block captains will coordinate separate block events from 7-9 pm. Please help organize the event for your block residents and plan to join in the fun!

Networking Event (ages 21+) – Planned for Thursday, Aug. 26 at Baby Acapulco from 4:30 – 7. See the Events page for more info.

Pecan Street Project (PSP) – Kathy Sokolic updated us on this project. They have enough volunteers to get the needed baseline data, but she encouraged anyone interested to email if they are interested. They're still working on the non-disclosure agreement but hope to finalize that soon and get it to volunteers so data collection can begin. Kathy didn't have any information on the Austin Energy solar stakeholder meeting scheduled for Sept. 3 from 11:00 – noon. See for event details. It was noted that row home owners now have the ability to get solar installed on their rooftops.

PIAC update – Corky Hilliard announced that Ashley Fisher is the new chair of the PIAC.

Meeting adjourned about 11:00 a.m.
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