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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 8/17/2013
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MNA General Meeting

August 17, 2013
Wildflower Terrace
MNA Steering Committee Members present at general meeting: Kathy Sokolic, Sandy Parks, David Neider, Corky Hilliard, Ani Colt, Kat Malcom, Cynthia Cammack

MNA Steering Committee Members absent: Grant Fisher, Janeka Rector, Kevin McGillicuddy, Dennis Mick, James Nortey, Belinda Roberts

1. Introductions: Kathy Sokolic welcomed attendees

2. Treasurer's Report: Sandy Parks

a. Sandy stated that we currently have $5923.04 in account, and she gathered $10 more at meeting.

3. News from the RMMA Planning, Implementation and Advisory Committee (PIAC) (Mike Jones)

a. Mike commented on status of several project in the neighborhood. Comments included: The Thinkery is getting ready to open. Work has started on the AISD performance center. The group is trying to get an update on urban rail, but city staff don't have information at this point. Tax revenue generated by Mueller seems to be meeting expectations, possibly exceeding; plan to discuss this at September meeting.

b. An attendee asked what was planned for lot across from Wildflower. Mike affirmed it seems to be slotted for a multifamily complex.

4. Austin Police Department Update: Andrew Romero

a. Sergeant Romero has lived here for four and a half years, is now a on district representative sergeant and excited about opportunity to work in own family's neighborhood.

b. Contact information:


c. Romero commented on the speeding issue on Berkman now that it is open. He introduced Officer Brown, also present at meeting, who is a day patrol officer in the area. They are using radar to study area and will be ticketing speeders, beginning Monday August 19.
An attendee commented that back to school week brings new speeding problem and that speeding on Zach Scott and Antone streets is also a problem.

Group discussed that speed limit is 30, with sign posted near HEB. Romero affirmed that is speed limit on all residential streets unless otherwise noted. An attendee commented that work trucks also present a speeding problem.

Sgt. Romero commented that the community is deciding its tolerances now and he would work with them to decide on options. Will try to get radar sign here to educate drivers.

d. An attendee brought up issue of cars broken into. Woman arrested had also been to their house to ask for money. Romero stated to always make sure not to leave anything in the car, not even items of little value, such as sunglasses. He commented that the Mueller crime rate is reasonable for density of neighborhood.

e. An attendee asked about solicitation rules. Romero explained that door-to-door solicitation is legal. Solicitation by alarm companies can be problematic and is regulated; these solicitors should have a state-issued ID.

f. An attendee asked about panhandlers near I35 and Airport on median and in traffic. Romero explained that going out in traffic is illegal, but arrests don't result in jail time or fines paid, so end up being a waste of police resources. They are always looking for creative solutions to this problem. Right now stressing not to give money to panhandlers and interested in educating people about that. City of Austin well-known for being a kind community. Panhandlers come here from Dallas and Houston because they make more money. Transients camping in parks is illegal and he wants to know immediately about any transient camping in area parks.

g. An attendee asked what to do about sexual offenders that could move to the area. Officers explained this would be a cause for concern, though these individuals can legally live where they want to, except not near schools, if they have done time and are abiding by rules. Advised community awareness.

h. An attendee asked about people in parks who are in distress. Perplexed about what to do. Officer said calling 911 is appropriate. Officer will check out the situation and go through procedure to assess if person is a danger to self or others.

i. An attendee asked if other types of issues have come up. Officer stated burglary of residences are mainly related to garage doors being left open. He reiterated that crime happens when it's easiest, such as when it's dark, when valuables can be seen. Walking in a park that's not well lit is higher risk because criminals know to stake out those areas and know witnesses are not likely to be present.

An attendee asked about lighting in the parks. Kathy responded that the HOA is responsible for lighting and that there are not currently plans to install more. The parks currently have a 10 PM curfew. Call police if there is anything strange or unsafe in the parks beyond the curfew.

5. Other Business: Kathy S

a. Property owners' association ready to elect a resident, who will be the only member that does not work for developer. Those interested should watch for information in September from Jennifer Harvey. This position is important if we want to start having more control of the neighborhood. The resident does not have to be a homeowner while the developer is still in control of the community.

b. At the last meeting, we discussed voting on whether or not the MNA will take position to support an affordable housing bond. We will be voting on that in September.

c. The 10-1 redistricting commission has begun holding meetings. These are important. Some from neighborhood attended the meeting this past week. It was very interesting, with some references by other attendees there to Mueller as "that neighborhood" and "those people". (Note from Kathy - the first meeting was productive, with many neighborhoods bringing specific points to the Commission's attention. Future attendance of additional meetings is encouraged. More information:

6. PRESENTATION: Drive A Senior (formerly Faith in Action Caregivers): Teresa Basa

Teresa Basa presented information about the organization. It provides assistance for persons 60+ to remain at home, and is a collaborative of nine groups serving Austin, Cedar Park, Elgin, Leander, Pflugerville, Round Rock and Georgetown. The group provides transportation for errands and appointments free of charge. Drivers are volunteers. Last year they served 275 seniors in her northeast area and have over 300 clients. They provided 2800 trips, 6800 hours of volunteer work, drove 35,000 miles, and did all of this with only one paid staff member - saving the city over $1 million.

Teresa noted that they have clients in Mueller and invited participation from those Mueller residents who can volunteer if they have some hours free on a monthly basis. The group provides training and contacts for volunteers, and she had applications available. No special driver's license is required. So far, have never had experience with an emergency during appointment, but that would be treated as any other emergency event. Some pharmacies will permit drivers to pick up prescriptions if authorized. One MNA attendee who volunteers said it was a good experience.She explained they do phone intake and registration for clients, including home assessment. Clients are asked to give 3 working days' notice so a driver can be found. More info:

7. School Supply Connection: Kathy, Kim

Kim is still collecting school supplies for area schools. Has delivered some to three area schools. Kim expressed appreciation for donations, as these costs are major for some families. She asked that additional donations be dropped off at her house in Garden Court 1.

8. Announcements:

Kat - Music in the park scheduled for Thursday, Sept 12. Family friendly event. Also, the next neighborhood yard sale is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 14. Any resident can set up to sell in front of own home.

Diane - The next POA "Let's Talk" is presenting new member orientation the first Wednesday of September at 6 PM. Very informational, even if not new to neighborhood.

Kathy - Work is being done to update the neighborhood website to make more user-friendly.

David - working on Citicite (, with Megan leading the working group.

9. Adjourned
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