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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 7/21/2012
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General Meeting
Wildflower Terrace
July 21, 2012

1) Intros: Kathy Sokolic, Vice Chair MNA
a. Lots of new attendees
b. Neighborhood Info & Membership Forms distributed
c. Dennis, Membership Committee Chair

2) Treasurer’s Report: Diane
a. $4437.80 as of July 10th
b. Dues go to Front Porch Flyer & Grant Program
i. Mention of how to apply for grants & approval process

3) Minutes taken by Secretary, Candice McKay
a. Posted on Citicite

4) Speeding & Traffic Study: Travis Michelle (Berkman Representative)
a. Initial study showed speeding on Zack Scott & Berkman
i. Appx 85% of the traffic is traveling average 34mph
b. Petition available for residents of these streets for preferences on how to manage speeding

5) No PIAC update b/c (committee that advices counsil on our master plan) b/c no meeting last month

6) Pecan Project: Brewster McCrackin, Executive Director
a. PBS special aired last Friday night
b. “where we stand today is possibly the world’s highest collection of electric cars.”
c. 1/3 homes have rooftop solar panels
i. west-facing panels produce more energy than south-facing, yet all energy generated within the neighborhood goes back to the neighborhood
d. “lowest environmental impacts of any community in the world”
e. Electric cars
i. Benefits

1. Appx $.04 per mile (vs appx $.12/mile on gas)
2. Appx $25 increase in electric bill
3. Fast & Quiet ride
4. Environmental Benefits are extremely high
5. Maintenance costs are generally less b/c you don’t have to get your oil changed
a. Very generous warranty
b. Example: 100k mile/8-year on battery
6. Federal Tax Credits
ii. GM is joining the Pecan Street Consortium on Monday
iii. Research Trial Incentives

1. $7400 rebate for purchase
2. $3000 lease
3. September 30, 2012 deadline to place order for electric car
4. Free installation and usage of wall plug-in
iv. Free, real-time access to electricity bill
1. Potential for similar access for water & natural gas bill/s
2. Available to users & internal researchers only (not designed for use of utility companies)
v. Can renters participate in the electric car research?
1. Yes
2. Pecan will work w/ apt & building mgrs to install a free 240-volt charger
vi. Charging Stations exist around Austin
1. Financed by Pecan Street Project
2. Working w/ Intel to implement solar-paneled charges
f. Potential for free Nest Thermostat & home Improvement Certificate from Tree House
g. Access to some cutting edge products, provided users will provide feedback on the products
i. Home Automation

1. Nest Thermostat: made by makers of Apple iProducts allows for thermostat adjustments from a smart phone
2. Remotely turn on or off lights
3. Warnings of overuse
4. Egain systems
ii. How does Home Automation services compare to ADT or other security/alarm services already? Little differences. Very Similar.
iii. Can Wildflower or Mosaic residents participate in home automation trials?

1. Yes, and one apt can still make a difference.
h. Solar Panel Updates
i. 2 Pending Research Proposals would provide new round of solar-panel funding allowing for more rebates to be offered on top of City of Austin rebates for research trial participants
ii. Benefits
1. Info Panels that provide real-time info on all usage and benefits at your fingertips
2. Service for environment, pocketbook, & utility company pocketbook
3. Rooftop solar-panels are financial interest to utility company as well
a. Existing efforts by utility companies to accommodate for hot, sunny summer afternoons are
iii. Can you install solar panels in a condo w/ shared ownership
1. Possibly. It has been done in Mueller before on Berkman. Project will work w/ condominium owner to facilitate.
iv. Are there plans to create rooflines that are better equipped to accommodate solar panels (question from non-resident architect)?
1. Yes. Changes to system, orientation, and materials are all under consideration to better/easier install panels
v. Exploring ways to install panels on Wildflower
i. Wireless Technology Concerns expressed on follow-up study that aired last night (question from member)
i. Electric meters use same signals as mobile phone (except lower increments)
1. If there’s a health concern on wireless usage for these products, they would affect cellular usage as well
ii. No scientific evidence to support that either usage have health concerns
j. Research trial participation is free & voluntary

7) Neighborhood Announcements
a. CASA Superhero Run = September 30
b. “Psycho Light & The Plants That Love It”: Central Texas Gardner producer, Linda Lehmusvirta, will provide discussion on growing plants that are blocked most of the day, then blasted with
i. Lehmusvirta will also field questions on container gardening
ii. Wildflower Terrace Theater, Saturday July 28, 10-11am
c. Reminder to keep garages down and doors locked
d. “Self Love As Spiritual Practice” presentation during Literary Salon: Wednesday at 6:30pm at Wildflower Terrace
e. Those interested in serving as volunteer Deputy Registar, see Kathy.
i. There will be a meeting next Sat at 8:30am at Cisco’s, but RSVP needed.

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