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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 7/12/2008
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meeting Summary

1. Introduction of residents who have not attended previously
2. Introduction of Steering Committee and Officers
1. Grant Fisher- Chairman
2. Drew Harris- Vice Chair
3. Dusty Harshman- Treasurer
4. Karen Zabreznik- Secretary (not in attendance)
5. John Guest
6. Jerry Perkins
7. Elizabeth Butmann
8. Kim Wine
9. Kerry Fisher
10. Wilson Robertson (not in attendance)
11. Bobby Gierisch
12. Rod Ruoff (not in attendance)
13. Cliff Spinac (not in attendance)

3. Officer Salsbury – APD- Neighborhood Watch information
 Break-ins and thefts have occurred in the neighborhood. Crime has skyrocketed in surrounding neighborhoods. With construction contractors around, it is difficult to tell who should be in the area.

 If you see something occurring, call 911. To report a crime you did not see, call 311. Contact Alliance for things like overgrown lawns, abandoned cars, etc.

 Use your alarms, lock doors and gates, but most importantly, keep an eye open for suspicious activity. APD and Catellus patrol the area, but aren’t enough.

To form Neighborhood Watch, think small groups of 6-9 homes that have good visibility of each other. Exchange home and work phone #s, basic schedules and communicate about vacations or visitors. Look for information to be posted on

4. Dues
• $10 dues may be paid to Dusty Harshman. Dues money finances the newsletter, events, and Those who pay dues will be able to vote at MNA meetings. The $10 dues paid now will last through the end of 2009.

• We anticipate that in the future, advertising in the newsletter may offset the amount of dues.

• A mock-up of a newsletter was available for an example. In the beginning it will be quarterly, but is anticipated to be a bimonthly in the future.

• is currently a volunteer effort, but with many new functions to come we need to make it worth the while of the webmaster.

• An example of an upcoming event is a Neighbors’ Night Out Barbeque Cook-Off, possibly in the Garden Court, on October 7. See for more information on the national event.

5. Neighborhood Block Captains
Concern was expressed that the Steering Committee elections were held without enough prior publicity. Notice was given via and the Yahoo list serve.
Block Captains are a no-tech way of keeping neighbors informed of what is going on. They should be letting you know about meetings. Some people don’t know who their BC is. Bobby G created the map and signed up more volunteers. If you don’t know your representative, ask Bobby or a neighbor.
Other neighbors mentioned signage at the entrance of the neighborhood to advertise as well. is really the best way to get information, if you have access to a computer. Residents who have yet to move in can learn from the experience of those who already live here.

6. Committees
There are several committees forming that need volunteers. Please sign up and be a part of the Events or Welcome Committees.
Also, feel free to submit ideas, stories or photos for the Newsletter. Elizabeth B. and Drew H. and Dusty H. are the newsletter committee.

7. The Steering Committee wants to know what the MNA can do for you. Ideas submitted at the meeting were:
• Find out about the replacement or repair of items damaged by construction or storms, such as street lights, street name signs, and curbs. Catellus will be contacted regarding these issues.
• To be a link between Catellus and the residents
• To create an online neighborhood directory
• To plan events
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