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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 7/10/2010
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The meeting was held at the picnic tables outside the pool at Ella Wooten park, where meetings will be held throughout the summer months.

Treasurer’s Report – We have $2300+ and are in good shape. We'll likely be able to fund another round of MNA grants this Fall so be thinking about potential requests. Check with Kerry to pay your dues if you're not current. Dues are only $10/year.

Austin Film Society - Rebecca Campbell, the Executive Director of the Austin Film Society (AFS), gave attendees some background information on how the AFS was formed. Their website is Neighbors who attended the recent party hosted by AFS, with sponsorship from Catellus, had a great time! AFS was purely a volunteer effort for the first 10 years of their existence (abt 1985-95). Then they became a professional organization with non-profit status. Through their Texas Filmmakers Production Fund, they've awarded about $1 million in cumulative grants. They also sponsor artistic programs, showing carefully chosen films – free to members and $6 to others. Membership is only $30/year. They also have an internship program for college students and graduates. Austin Studios has about 20 acres and was the site for a lot of filming in the late 1990's. They had a 10 year lease but through a 2006 bond election for the arts, they received more City support and now have a long-term lease until 2042. As part of the agreement, they'll get use of additional National Guard property when it's vacated in 2012. They need volunteer help with planning and fundraising for that growth opportunity. Troublemaker Studios is a separate entity on neighboring property.

Steering Committee Elections – Grant had Steering Committee members introduce themselves, and their position as officers, if applicable. Officers are:
Chairman – Grant Fisher
Vice-Chair – Dennis Mick
Treasurer – Kerry Fisher
Secretary – Betsy Hilton

You can email the entire steering committee at Meetings will move to the 3rd Saturday of the month, with steering committee meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Steering committee meetings are open to the public and Grant will post all meeting dates/locations on

Fourth of July recap – Everyone had a great time and everyone thought the events were great. There was a suggestion that perhaps we could coordinate with Delwood more closely to build on their long tradition and get some of the same elected officials to address both neighborhoods. There was general agreement, but a caution not to make the elected officials the focus of the events.

Pecan Street Project (PSP) - Kathy Sokolic and Garreth Wilcock represent Mueller residents on the PSP Executive Committee. A kick-off meeting was held June 30. PSP is a non-profit research agency. Most people at the meeting were familiar with PSP – if you want more info, go to their website at Users are signing up to be in Group A, providing baseline usage data for the project. Contact if you want to sign up. You can email Kathy or Garreth with questions. There will also be a demonstration house at Mueller – not sure of the location.

PIAC update – Corky and Michael serve on the City's Plan Implementation Advisory Commission (PIAC) for the Mueller project. Corky talked about their efforts to speed up street repairs and the frustration everyone has experienced. PIAC passed a resolution in June asking the City and Catellus to work together to develop a policy for public use of the hangar.

Motion in support of hangar use – Garreth Wilcock moved that the MNA write a letter to Catellus about the promised coffee trailer to be set up at the hangar. Dan McAtee seconded the motion. After discussion and further revision, the motion to write a letter to the City and Catellus expressing support for public use of the hangar, and the location of food trailers at that site, was passed unanimously.

Issues with City and Catellus – Dan described his recent meetings with City staff and Catellus about the ongoing 'warranty' repair issues, and how these can be prevented in future phases through contract improvements, more inspection, etc. He's also talking with them about improving communications with the residents. If you have suggestions along these lines, let Dan know.

Transportation Issues – Lots of discussion on the blog lately. Catellus' committee includes representatives from adjacent neighborhoods, so Betsy will feed the discussions to this committee and the City for further consideration..

Meeting adjourned about 11:00 a.m.
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