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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 6/21/2012
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General Meeting
Wildflower Terrace
June 16, 2012

10:07: Betsy opens the meeting and asks if there are new residents.
There are 3 who introduce themselves.

Betsy recognizes the service and resignation of Don Dozier as
treasurer and introduces Diane Gierisch as our new treasurer. Diane
then gives the treasurer report by saying we are in a strong, positive
budgetary situation.

Other introductory items includes a reference to membership forms. On
matters of policy, Betsy updates urban rail, which will not be
included in the Nov. bond package; Betsy raises this subject because
the urban rail design is not fixed for the future and we should
continue to lobby for it relative to future bond elections. Travis
Michel chimes in by saying that the city’s transit working group has
an upcoming meeting and calls for neighborhood representation at that
meeting. (June 22 at city hall); Betsy also mentions 51st as part of
the medium list projects, which has been reduced to 1 million.

Our speaker not here yet, so Betsy asks what we want to talk about (at
10:18). someone mentions a business to encourage and the discussion
opens to what WT residents wants. Royal Blue Grocery, a walk-up,
corner type store, is mentioned as a prospect.

II. Sheryl Cole, City Council Member & Mayor Pro Tem arrives (10:23)
and is introduced by Kathy Sokolic.

CM Cole reviews the major current issues and activities---bond
election, comprehensive plan, district representation proposal, etc.

Opening the floor for questions, several areas are covered, including
how we can more equitably distribute affordable housing throughout the
city; how we can encourage urban rail; how to recruit new arrivals
into the political process, single stream size of the container
question; whether council elections should be scheduled to coincide
with other elections; if there is geographic representation, how can
Mueller be placed in east Austin (and not in west Austin, as with the
school board); the danger that PIAC appointments will come from other
places than Mueller with a geographic representation system and the
inherent unfairness of this given that the neighborhood has no contact
planning team; and what does she do as Mayor Pro Tem?

To these many complex questions, CM Cole provided wide ranging and
thoughtful responses. Highlighting a little of the discussion, the
CM’s position on where Mueller should be located in a district plan is
clear: east Austin. She also talked of the difficulties of locating
more affordable housing in west Austin and the complexities of so much
going on now, of the necessity for focus, for example, on organizing
for transit. As for election timing, the November 6 ballot will
include such a question (as is required by the charter to make a
change). She did not know that Mueller does not have a contact
planning team, but in response to Corky’s question about what she does
as Mayor Pro Tem, it was jokingly suggested she might look into the
Mueller situation with respect to neighborhood planning. Ms. Cole also
explained the duties associated with being Mayor Pro Tem.

III. announcements

Liz Neff announced a CASA fund raising event--a 5k and 1k on Sept. 30
at Lake Park.

Someone asks if there is a July 4th parade this year? Answer: None
planned yet; no money, no leader. Betsy asks for volunteers.
Information will be put out about what needs to be done.

*Thanks to Jerry Perkins for taking the minutes in place of the MNA Steering Committee secretary this meeting!*
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