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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 6/15/2013
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The Mueller Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, non-partisan organization within which the residents of the neighborhood can promote their common interests with regard to preserving and enhancing the quality of life, safety, residential characteristics, and property values of their neighborhood in particular, and in all neighborhoods generally.

*********Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 6/15/2013**********

Mueller Neighborhood Association

General Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2013

Wildflower Terrace Room

MNA Steering Committee Members present: Kathy Sokolic, Sandy Parks, Janeka Rector, Ani Colt, David Neider, Kevin McGillicuddy, Dennis Mick, Grant Fisher, Kat Malcom, Cynthia Cammack

MNA Steering Committee Members absent: Belinda Roberts, Corky Hilliard, James Nortey

1. Greetings and Pleasantries: Kathy

a. "Brief Meet & Greet" : Neighbors were invited to introduce themselves to others they'd not met before.

b. Kathy thanked Steering Committee for work done so far and introduced them.

2. Treasurer's Report: Sandy

a. Sandy reported the MNA financial state is very well. Reported she went through books and has discovered that July 15th is the organization's 5 year anniversary, a historic milestone.

3. Subcommittee Reports:

a. Rail Subcommittee: Janeka

Janeka is keeping up with urban rail expansion. She reported that the mayor says we should expect a vote next May if there's a bond. The mayor is intent on leasing the airport to make this possible. Although a large number of people want rail to go through Mueller, there are groups that want the rail to go along Lamar. Janeka and volunteers working with her will continue to attend meetings with the Mueller group to keep focus here at Mueller. See Janeka after the meeting for more information or to get involved.

PROJECT CONNECT meeting: June 25, 2013, 5 to 8 PM, Dobie Middle School, 1200 East Rundberg Lane - Please attend if possible.

b. Kathy displayed Mueller Redevelopment Vision and Goals.

c. Community Enhancement Subcommittee: Dave

Dave reviewed the Kerbey Lane Eat-in event, the first in an effort to focus local businesses on residents' desire to have them here and on our potential support. 119 people showed up at Kerbey Lane. Similar events are being planned for the future. Dave reviewed tenets of the sub-committee and relevant events. There will be a town center meeting at his house, work on redesign of the community website.

Kathy explained we are planning a lot of meetings, but the goal is to get more people involved in neighborhood projects. She asked for a show of hands of block captains. She explained that Kevin will be taking over block captain organization duties from Dennis, and at the Monday, June 24th block captain meeting, there will be discussion of what tasks group wants to do and how to proceed with block captains. We asked for people from new areas of the neighborhood to attend if they're interested in getting this started on their block. Current block captains are encouraged to attend.

4. Announcements:

Kat invited all to Mueller July 4 parade, sponsored each year by MNA and one event membership dues support. She described parade route and said that group will stage parade at 9:30 at Lake Park by the restrooms; neighbors can join as participants or spectators. Ice cream will be served at Ella Wooten, and the event ends with a pool party. She reminded us that no food or drink is permitted in the pool, and that no lifeguard is on duty before 1 PM.

Kat also explained there is a social hour each quarter. The next meeting is scheduled for August 14 at the new HEB. Children are invited to this event, and there will be a table with activities for them.

Kathy reminded attendees of how to join MNA and the cost - $5 yearly dues. Renewals are in December/January time frame. Dues provide Front Porch Flyer, sponsor parade, used for neighborhood activities and projects. Dennis passed out forms to those interested.

5. Sustainable Food Center (SFC): Simone Benz

Simone presented the SFC mission and went through a presentation to introduce SFC. Highlights from the presentation:

· Grow Local -community and school gardens

· Farm Direct - food sharing and distribution to link producers and consumers, four farmers' markets

· The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegra - cooking classes and nutrition education on available and local foods

· 4 Farmers' Markets - Triangle, MLK MetroRail, Sunset Valley, Downtown

· Double Dollar Incentive Program - matching for WIC and SNAP benefits to increase fresh food purchasing power

· SFC has moved to a new location near MLK market. They now have conference and teaching facilities, gardens, and cooking facilities. Simone stated that the center and its mission fits into the East Austin revitalization part of MNA's vision.

6. HEB Update: Marty Garcia, Steve Buxton, LaSean Hockenhull

The group provided a presentation with a sneak peak of the store and management staff. Discussed their director roles and areas of accountability. All three have experience in HEB east side and other stores and will have a team of 30 working with them at this store.

Highlights of presentation:

· This store is the first to offer the Community Coordinator role, not a typical role for HEB. It was developed based on active input from neighborhoods in this area that asked for a staff person whose job was to act as a contact for neighborhood residents. The role is currently held by Calah Peace, but she has been promoted, and someone else will replace her in coming weeks.

· Slides of the Community Room and information about how to reserve it was presented. It is available for 501(c)3 groups. Meetings must be nonpolitical, nonreligious, charge no admission. No alcohol or outside food/drink are permitted. The room is fully outfitted with tables chairs, a dry erase board, TV monitor, etc. They will probably ask for a deposit just to limit no-shows but haven't decided on the policy yet.

· They gave an overview of the store facilities and features. It is the greenest store HEB has ever designed, and is anticipated to meet at least the LEED Silver rating, hoping for platinum rating. It's also anticipated to exceed the AEGB 4 rating. All cold food items are behind lightweight frameless glass doors. There is natural and LED lighting, designed to maintain even lighting at all times. Lights automatically turn down or off when not needed. The entire roof will be devoted to solar power generation. Native landscaping has been sourced from within 100 miles of store, to ensure suitability, and there are reclaimed water and other water-saving features.

· The store has 65 bike rack spots with tool kits, 2 EV charge stations, and is near bus routes.

· Cafe Mueller is the first HEB full-blown restaurant open for lunch and dinner and will feature craft brews, wine, beer, and a menu to include barbecue, Asian, bistro items. It will have its own entrance. Live music will be featured with a schedule influenced by neighborhood preferences. Cafe hours are set for 10 AM - 10 PM for start.

· 100% of the staff is hired and in training at other stores. July 26 is the opening date. It was changed to accommodate a couple of construction issues that don't yet meet expectations.

Q&A - answers included:

There will be a full pharmacy with 2 drive-up windows.

It will be a one-level market with easier access for handicapped.

It is bigger than the Hancock store.

It will have an ATM but no leased spaces to other businesses.

It will run the same weekly promotions as Hancock; Springdale store will become part of same ad zone.

It will order top-of-line produce but will have affordable price leader options as well. This store has all demographics and will need a variety of options.

It will have a Blooms for floral and gift items.

Bike racks will be located across front and side of store on restaurant side.

There will be 8 gas pumps - will open July 19

There will be fresh options, including a juice bar, fresh guacamole and salsa. At 6 AM coffee will be available.

They have made an effort to stock gluten-free products and options in restaurant and in store.

No floor plan is available until the store is open.

It will have a large organic selection.

There will be 4 express lanes, no self-checkouts.

They are planning a Thursday morning senior coffee.

They will have a full-service butcher center, and tortilla machine for flour tortillas.

Security will be provided as Segway security with energy-efficient vehicles; parking lot security will be in uniform.

Pharmacy hours are 9 AM - 9 PM, 10-5 on Sunday.

Bike riders will need to go through the parking lot.

Catellus has list of the smaller businesses planned for the strip center.

Store hours will be 6 AM-midnight.

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