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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 5/8/2010
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The meeting was held at the picnic tables outside the pool at Ella Wooten park, where meetings will be held throughout the summer months.

Treasurer’s Report – We have $2600+ and are in good shape. We'll likely be able to fund another round of MNA grants this Fall so be thinking about potential requests.

Anthropos Arts – Vanessa Dainton talked about this non-profit led by a friend. They work with low-income middle and high school band students to provide music lessons and mentors. The students have a performance at 5:00 p.m. on May 16 at Stubbs. Volunteers to help move equipment would be much appreciated. They always need more musicians too! See for more information.

Garage Sale - Kat talked about the Garage Sale this Saturday in the Simond median. All 48 slots have been taken. There will be handmade items as well as used collectibles so be sure to come by.

Steering Committee elections will be held in June. Ann Jerome will not seek re-election and has agreed to serve as the elections officer. Grant made the official announcement at this meeting, and will also post information on Voting will be at the June 12 meeting.

Mueller St*tch and B*tch group is sponsoring a “blanket raising” for the Ronald McDonald House to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the group. Members have been knitting squares for several months and will meet on May 16 from 1-4 pm at the Community Room (4th Floor) of the Ronald McDonald House to sew the squares together. Several blankets will be donated to the families there. Yarn was purchased with a $100 MNA grant and about another $100 in private donations. It looks like about 7 blankets will be completed. The community is welcome to come by to see the final products and to observe knitting in action!

Report from members of the RMMA PIAC
1.Corky Hilliard gave an overview of the PIAC. It's appointed by City Council to oversee the implementation of the Mueller master plan. Currently, four of the seven members are Mueller residents. The PIAC is not affiliated with the Property Owners Association. Meeting are held the 2nd Tuesday each month at the Waller Creek center at 625 E. 10th St. Decisions are decided based on the six goals of the Mueller development:
•FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY A positive revenue stream and increase of City’s tax base
•ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Contributing to Austin’s economy and providing new jobs
•EAST AUSTIN REVITALIZATION A direct stake in redevelopment for East Austin residents
•NEIGHBORHOOD COMPATIBILITY Enhancing the quality of life in adjacent communities
•DIVERSITY & AFFORDABILITY A new community of ethnically and economically diverse residents
•SUSTAINIBILITY Energy efficiency, reduced auto dependency, watershed protection–smart growth

2.Ashley Fisher discussed the upcoming meeting agenda: AE substation, Bartholomew Park update, traffic count results from the City, developer updates, subcommittee updates. She also discussed the Engagement Subcommittee, who is looking at how Mueller residents get notified of rezoning requests, etc. since we are a PUD and don't have a neighborhood contact team like most surrounding neighborhoods.

3.The street repair issues were brought up. Fixing these problems isn't really PIAC's purview, but they can talk to their City Council sponsors, and also see what steps can be taken to avoid these sorts of issues in future phases.

4.Michael Jones mentioned that PIAC members have been visiting surrounding neighborhood associations to see how Mueller is impacting them. They mostly have the same concerns we have – traffic, etc.

5.James Dwyer discussed the potential use of the Hangar. The City owns the hangar but Catellus coordinates its use for marketing, etc. The Hangar Subcommittee is preparing recommendations for City Council to consider. Ultimately, the hangar will be sold to a commercial interest. Overall, the community wants to use it in the interim.

6.Town Center – no update since the last developer update. They are looking at smaller, incremental development. The Austin Childrens Museum is still planning to move here, likely in about two years. Catellus may look at food trailers to provide food options in the shorter term.

1.Boomer Chili Cookoff was last Sunday with the following results:
1st Place – Tommy Skaggs
2nd Place – Laura Spoor
3rd Place – Keith Romel

2.Networking Hour planned at Mr. Bones near the time of opening. They have beer/wine so it will be for 21+ ages. Watch for more information.

3.Rumors about the potential grocer were batted about.

4.Dusty reminded folks to fill their bag for the Capital Area Food Bank and leave it at the mailboxes the day of the meeting.

Meeting adjourned about 10:50 a.m.
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