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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 5/18/2013
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MNA General Meeting Minutes

Seton Administration Building Mueller

May 18, 2013

10:00 AM

MNA Steering Committee Members present: Kathy Sokolic, Sandy Parks, Janeka Rector, Belinda Roberts, Ani Colt, David Neider, Kevin McGillicuddy, Dennis Mick, Grant Fisher, Corky Hilliard

Absent: N/A

1. Introductions (Kathy)

New neighbors and attendees were asked to introduce themselves. Kathy introduced neighborhood vision and goals and announced purpose, location, and time for the upcoming Mueller at Midterm meeting.

2. Treasurer’s Report - (Sandy)

a. Sandy announced the organization was doing well. She said she had dues allocation forms for anyone who needed one, and that five dollars per person, per year dues support the Front Porch Flyer and events.

3. News from the RMMA Planning, Implementation and Advisory Committee (PIAC) (Mike Jones)

a. Mike reviewed that AISD school bonds that would have benefited the area failed and that AISD wants to work with neighbors for another solution but commitments and plans are not specific.

b. Affordable housing developer DMA ranked 6 in current evaluation, but needs to be in top 3 to be selected. Other tax credit options are being looked at to fund the "workforce" affordable housing project in Mueller.

c. Catellus is looking for ways to bring local businesses into Mueller Town Center. Some reasons given by businesses for not wanting to move to Mueller include 1) don't want to compete with an existing business that is too close, 2) don't have capital to carry them through a move and future development until the business can become profitable, 3) perception that the general Austin community is not yet knowledgeable enough about the area to come here for business. It's been expressed that a large chain anchor business can help.

d. Efforts to work toward urban rail are getting in gear again. In a June 11 meeting Scott Gross from the City of Austin will update us on these efforts and discuss potential, recommended routes. The Mueller PIAC supports having a maintenance facility in the neighborhood which would ascertain the train coming here.

e. The opening of Berkman has been moved to early June. There is concern that it will increase traffic quite a bit through the area.

4. MNA Subcommittee reports/discussion (Dave, Janeka)

a. Dave reviewed goals of Neighborhood Enhancement Subcommittee: Pushing for more local businesses within Mueller, helping redesign Mueller community website (, and helping make the town center successful and fit into Mueller and Austin. He will be looking for volunteers.

b. Urban rail (Janeka) - Janeka described meeting with others in the city to discuss rail and how it could affect the area. She has put out a volunteer request and is actively looking for more volunteers. Plans to attend Transportation Committee meeting on June 6. She has created mailing list for those interested. If you want more information, please contact Janeka.

5. Community Care Collaborative (Greg Hartman of Seton)

a. Greg announced his group is now an official corporate member of the MNA.

b. He discussed Proposition 1 from the November 2012 election with an emphasis on the Community Care Collaborative, described as a different way of delivering healthcare with an effort to tie fees to value rather than to service in order keep people out of hospital. Talked about program's incentives for keeping people well, the public-private partnership structure, with many clinics tied together on one automated system. Reviewed goals to reduce emergency room visits by 38% and inpatient stays by 15%. Reviewed goals of new medical school and displayed map of growth phases.

c. Attendees asked questions about changes to the medical center infrastructure, public-private structure, and the potential influence of Catholic religious restrictions on care for women.

6. Keep Austin Affordable (Samir Sheth)

a. Samir discussed purpose of organization, created by a coalition that came together in 2012 after the housing bond did not pass. Reviewed need in Austin for affordable housing - in top 9 of rental markets, top 5 hottest real estate markets, making rental property too expensive. Noted that Austin has 2000 homeless school-age students. Reviewed that 3500 homes were renovated as a result of 2006 funding. The group wants to get housing bonds back on the ballot for November. These bonds would not cause a property tax increase, the projects have a strong track record of success and a strong economic impact of nearly 1 billion dollars. He and others in the group present talks to faith groups and other organizations. The group's website is Please volunteer if interested or discuss if you want a talk for a group.

b. Attendees asked questions about how the funding doesn't increase prop taxes, outreach beyond central Austin, how to get involved.

7. Wellness Study (Xuemei Zhu, Ph.D.)

a. Mei explained the Texas A&M study. She reviewed sources of support and thanked neighbors for participation in the first phase. She reviewed the results of the neighborhood study for walkability (presented map) and asked for participation in the next step, a survey that can be found at She invited interested attendees to participate by completing the survey, estimated at about 20 minutes. As a thank you, participants will receive a gift card for their time.

8. Other announcements

Scales St party was starting at 4 PM that same day with band at 6 PM until 9 PM. Another block party was planned for Sunday on Page in garden area.

9. Meeting adjourned.

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