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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 5/18/2012
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Mueller Neighborhood Association General Meeting
Saturday, May 19, 2012
Wildflower Terrace
• Welcome – Betsy
o Mueller Development Goals & Tenets: Adopted by the community (Rick
 Fiscal Responsibility: to create a positive revenue stream that increases city’s tax base
 Economic Development: contribute to Austin economy and provide new jobs
 East Austin Revitalization: a direct stake in redevelopment for East Austin residents
 Neighborhood compatibility: Enhance quality of life in adjacent communities
 Diversity: Socially & economically diverse residents
 Sustainability: Energy efficiency, reduce auto dependency, watershed protection, smart growth

• APD’s Antoine Tarver (community liaison) & Lieutenant Todd Gage introductions (area patrol officers lead)
o Contact info | 512-974-5505 |
 PO Box 689001, Austin TX 78768-9001
 Call 311 for petty, non-emergency crimes (where 911 isn’t needed)
o Unmarked black & white units (off-duty police officers) preventatively parole the community as part of the HOA dues

• Austin Energy - Ronnie Mendoza (Customer Management Work Group Manager), John Cornett (Customer Relationship Analyst), Shana Lee (Solar Program)
o 494-9400: Customer Service line
o Solar bills (Ronnie Mendoza)
 New billing system implemented in October 2011
• Old system had one-stop payment options
• New system has a bucket for each type of utility
o If there is a problem with 1 bucket, it affects billing for all utilities
• Overbilling issues have been reported, problem has been identified, and solution has been applied.
 Paper statements sometimes have extra blank pages
• AE is redesigning bill to save paper
• Paperless, e-billing is available now
 Explanation of typical solar bill (John Cornett)
 Solar Power isn’t wasted
• Any time there isn’t an immediate need within your home for the solar power generated, it goes back into the grid
o Most is consumed within the house. Not all goes back into the grid
o No battery backup needed
• Suggestion that AE work w/ Pecan Street for verification of utilization (Kathy)
• John Cornett offered to send out the PV generation for the months not previously presented
o Customers can provide contact info for disseminating

• Getaround (Car Sharing Program) Kevin & Lucy
o Help people share cars for profit by facilitating
o Put your personal car on website, set rate, getaround will rebate you 60%
o Insurance is covered fully up to $1M and covers renter & vehicle (not owner). Geico liability & collision
o Any make, model, year
 i.e. prius or tesla roadster, trucks, van, no classics yet (but working on hot rods, delorians, etc)
o Car kit: plugs into ACU, sits on dash, for smart phones
 Allows for approval & location
o Any/all rentals can be declined
o Set availability
o No contract
o Rating system for renters, owners, & cars
o Request that cars are clean & filled up
o Renters are responsible for keeping clean & refill
o Most cars sit idle 92% of their lives
o APD notes that if you rent a vehicle out and it isn’t returned, it is not considered auto-theft. 10 days after a registered letter goes unresponsive, then it can be reported as theft.
o 3 checks for renters (ID, credit, dirvers record check)
o No fee to participate as an owner
o Company will ask you to sign a W9 if your revenue gets high, but
o Testimonials available on website

• Adjourn.

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