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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 5/17/2008
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MNA meeting - 5/17/2008 10am. Garden Court, Mueller.
Had a great turnout for the first Mueller Neighborhood Assn meeting actually held at Mueller in the Garden Court common area. Lots of new neighbors attended – approx half of attendees were first time attendees to an MNA meeting I’d guess.
Introductions done all around. Notebook did not get passed so we don’t have an attendee list – next time for sure!
First item discussed was Neighborhood assn bylaws – Grant Fisher put a set of draft bylaws out on last week and passed out copies at the meeting for review.
One primary need for a formal neighborhood assn is to get notified by COA for proposed zoning changes to our PUD
Initial draft of bylaws were changed to include non residents on steering committee if they have a contract on a house at Mueller.
Lots of discussion on whether we should charge dues for the MNA. Optimally the NA could be funded out of our POA dues but not sure when and if that will happen. For now the POA is essentially Catellus and not the residents and will be this way for many years to come given how large a development Mueller is.
For now we can assess some small token dues to provide for some social events and to create a known membership for voting and communication purposes. Paying dues would be on the honor system. Voting on MNA business would be for members only and would also be on the honor system.
Bylaws call for 13 steering committee member who each serve 1 year.
Hope is to adopt the bylaws today and wait for a month to vote for steering committee – gather nominations during the next month.
Proposal to change bylaws to meet at least 4 times a year as called and otherwise as needed.
Motion made to accept bylaws, seconded, voted – all in favor. Bylaws approved.
If you would like to serve on the steering commission please nominate yourself or other worthy folks by letting Grant or Karen know on the MuellerCommunity website and we’ll vote at next month’s meeting. Find information for nominating people at link below:
Nominations for Steering Committee

Next topic discussed – the Big Storm Wednesday night!
Dusty graciously arranged to have a Farmers Property Casualty Insurance rep attended – Eric Simle? Has been an agent for 2 years but clarified he is an agent, not a claims adjuster.
Dusty suggested using Angie’s List subscription to get roofer recommendations.
Are there special concerns with green houses – radient barriers and such? Insurer is required to put back what is already there – same quality and type of materials.
People want to understand if we have to replace roofs can we any roof that’s on the approved list for houses at Mueller – not necessarily the original color. Needs to be followed up with Jennifer Harvey.
Need to go to each builder and get the specs for the roof. And inspect afterwards for quality.
Non Broken windows need to be looked at also to see if seals are compromised.
Much more discussion around the storm I didn’t get notes on.
After the insurance/storm discussion the meeting essentially ended as it was getting scorching hot.
There was short discussion about the Pool opening – plan as far as anyone knows the planned opening date is June 1st. No word on when schedule, guest rules, and lifeguard info will be finalized.
Discuss need to have anymore outdoor meeting in a shaded area as by 11am on Sunday the sun was beating down hard. Grant is going to check with Catellus if using the hanger is an option. Saturday morning seems to be a good meeting time and having at Mueller or within walking distance of Mueller is a big plus.
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