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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 4/13/2013
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MNA General Meeting
April 13, 2013
Austin Film Society

1. Introductions: Kathy Sokolic
a. Welcomed attendees

2. Treasurer's Report: Sandy Parks
a. Thanked everyone for sending in their MNA dues payments. Announced we have nearly 300 dues paying members in the MNA.
b. Handed out forms to those who wanted to join and encouraged membership. Explained that dues’ dollars help support neighborhood activities including Egg Scramble and the upcoming 4th of July party, and also the fantastic Front Porch Flyer.
Discussed grants and encouraged neighbors to apply for them. Committed to post grant forms.
3. PIAC Update: Carol Drennan
a. Presented summary of overview of changes to area including new construction and roads. Noted that HEB opening is delayed until July apparently due to the difficulty of obtaining the platinum status.
4. Announcements: Kathy
a. The new wing at Dell Childrens' Hospital is opening.
b. Camacho St. is having its annual block party on April 27 at the intersection of Camacho and Zach Scott.
c. A networking event is being planned, possibly for May. Kat explained these are free form with no agenda and are open to all. Hosted by the RAC of the POA, and paid for by monthly HOA dues.
d. Kathy asked for anyone interested in for rail or advocating for AISD bond to contact her.
e. There was some discussion about interest Google fiber among audience members. MNA has no specific information.
5. AISD Bond Presentation: Pat Dabbert from AISD
a. Shared handouts with factual information on bond package/propositions for capital improvements, technology, new construction.
b. Presented dates and locations for voting. Introduced Interactive Map on that shows impact on specific facilities and schools. Overview map shows that majority of schools would see impact.
c. Reviewed impact to tax bill for homeowners.
d. Noted that board decision based on citizens' committee that met with schools and community to determine critical needs. Committee would determine that funds spent as constrained.
e. Questions from participants included how to vote if not present, whether or not MNA took position on bond (no), which prop would cover NE school? (2), location for school for young men (same location as Alternative Learning Center across from ACC Ridgeview is option being looked at. Right now trying to keep students on campus and not use ALC as much), and about Chamber of Commerce support (Chamber wants to make sure existing facilities are used before new schools built.)
6. AFS Presentation: Rebecca Campbell and Catherine Sckerl
a. Presented history of AFS, grants awarded, exhibitions, new screening location through partnership at Marchesa Hall and Theater in Lincoln Village. (Rebecca)
b. Presented information about education programs - AFS Film Club afterschool workshops, summer camp workshops, AFS Internship & Referral program, field trips. (Rebecca)
c. Presented information on track record for economic impact. (Rebecca)
d. Presented Creative Placemaking overview of planning efforts underway, future directions, how input/needs were gathered, ideas being discussed for future that would meet those needs and goals, such as relocated offices and better use of space. (Catherine)
e. Questions/Discussion:
AFS membership - different levels Make/Watch/Love starting at $50. Also do weekly newsletters and emails for free to those who sign up.
What's currently in production? Main tenant is The Lying Game waiting for green light for next 12 shows so on hiatus now. first film was Miss Congeniality. Also The Rookie, all of Robert Rodriquez films, True Grit (death of Blackie shot inside Stage 3). Businesses looking for location these days interested in incentives/taxes so our competition is Louisiana and New Mexico that both offer bigger incentives.
Incentives, and also walkability? TxMPA Texas Motion Picture Alliance pays for lobbyist to work on increasing incentive $. Gov office also influences percentages and may be lobbied. Can join TxMPA. Walkability: looking for ways to emphasize this in new plan. Timeline consistent with bond, maybe construction Fall 2014. Will probably also look cat capital campaign. since bond only will fund about 1/3 of needs identified and presented to bond.
Are there notifications to community about filming activities there? Most are independently done and not through AFS.
7. AFS Tour
8. Adjourn
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