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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 4/13/2008
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting, 4/13/2009

Attendees: Betsy Hilton, Joe Denton, Cliff Spinac, Steve Lopez, Casey Duck-Garcia, Stephen Garcia, Perry and Vivian Suter, Carol and Bob Drennan, Wilson Robertson, Jerry Perkins, Jim Walker, Rev. Diane Lee, Dusty and Melanie Harshman, Kim Wine, Bobby Gierisch, Jill Thrasher, Toby, Griffin, Sol and Flora.

School bond package update
Pretty apparent to all who have moved in that there are plenty of young children at Mueller
Next bond package is early May. 3 bond proposals – none serve Mueller very well.
For Mueller there is a high and low projection of how many students will be there – high projection by Catellus, low by the school board.
School board wants to put kids in existing schools with capacity. Catellus will have to continue to report contracted homeowners with kids over time to keep the issue alive.
What will hit us sooner is how boundaries will be drawn when new school goes in. Has potential to become very class and race driven discussion.
Early, proactive community engagement not involving just the directly affected population is a good idea.
There is an unnamed elementary on the ballot. Possibly could name a school within 18 mo. of the bond package passing.
Maplewood is currently at 80% capacity. Not a large elementary school to begin with – capacity includes 5-6 portable buildings.

Regional PAC is also on the May bond package. Full cost of the PAC on the May bond at an unnamed location. Bond package election is on May 11th.

If we want our opinions noticed and heard then they need to go directly to the school board. Do we need a small group to really dig into it?

POA update
April 23 at 7pm at Asbury Methodist there will be a town hall meeting with regard to what the POA advisory panel has done to date in looking at the rules and regulations at Mueller, how the POA will operate, how they will enforce the rules, etc….

It is a public interest session.

Will be a presentation to start and then break out into tables around the room for specific topics. And then a last survey will be sent out. Early summer should come recommendations to Catellus on changes.

For the first few years Catellus will hold all seats on all POA related boards.

Good idea Dusty got was idea of a village or town chancellor – a non binding mediation step before issues are brought to the board. Someone agrees to serve in the role for a nominal fee, like a free cup of coffee. Before registering a formal complaint with the POA all residents agree to go to the town chancellor. Village elder approach.

Hopefully the rules and regulations will be sent out before the April 23 hearing so we have a chance to review them.
POA is administered by Alliance, Jennifer Harvey runs it for Mueller. She is located in old Meritage trailer at Mueller if you have any questions or need the docs.

FAQ and rules and regulations are in the pipeline.

There are lots of concerns about lack of public input and lack of ability to ‘speak to’ the ‘POA’ in any constructive way. So far there is no formal structure for ongoing interface between residents and the POA.
Communication is key regardless of segmented issues. Regardless of issue who do we call who can make a decision on it.
How do we who are governed interact with those who are governing us?

All owners need to be able to interact on policy issues, not just grievance issues.
Can the MNA be a conduit between residents and the POA on policy changes?
Definitely needs to be a formal communication channel between residents and POA.

Can we request that they bring the budget to the meeting? Dusty to take back to the advisory panel.

Looks like we need to be proactive and produce best practices from another urban community, on how the interaction/relationship could be – from Stapleton? Bring a model to the table and see if it will work.

Mueller is marketed as something different, unique. ‘This is how we do it in Texas’ from the lawyers or Catellus doesn’t work – we are not just another cookie cutter suburban Texas community.

We need to get the word out – generate interest so we have more leverage.

Contact everyone active on the email list to participate
Flood calls to Jennifer Harvey
Use your election turnout as influence

Community building activities for MNA
We need to bring more people into the MNA. Bring the weight of multiple residents, multiple signatures to discussions.

How do we publicize the MNA – make people aware of it and it’s purpose and engage them to get involved.

Basis for a vigorous neighborhood community – questions like who killed the community garden need to be answered. Need to figure out and embrace the concerns of the developer – will maintain the community garden – give them no reason to say no.

Let’s put a handbook together with great info – basic info; Rules and Reg info, start to answer questions.
Jerry volunteers to help with it at the Spring Fling. Or put flyers on everyone’s doors

Start owning and controlling the flow of information. First effort could be a neighborhood letter.

Needs to be a grassroots effort – have someone signed up on every block to know when people move in drop off a welcome package.

MNA needs to/wants to host our own meeting on governance and community space design. We want Roma to explain principles they are designing with, we want RVI to explain their community space design and how we can provide input. Invite neighborhood coalition around to the session. MNA need to be involved in how we spend our greenspace and the $$ we are paying into the POA.

Dusty is driving through Catellus the need for public input on community space at Mueller.

Community Garden
At last POA advisory panel meeting it was said that RVI, landscape master company, pulled the community garden from the Tom Miller stretch of greenbelt. Needs to be discussed with stakeholders rather than just making decision!

RVI, Roma, POA, residents all need to weigh in on these decisions before they are final.

New Architecture/Modification Committee
What is the home modification process? There is an existing document that is being distributed.
Currently home modification process is run by the designers, not Catellus.

Any external modification to your home, ie a new light on your home, new plant in your flower bed – is supposed to pass through them until they can determine what exceptions are acceptable. You complete a 5 page application, goes through a committee, and a fee is required.

Overburdening and ridiculous is the general opinion. Not reasonable.
Modifications committee believes exceptions will cover 80% of changes requested eventually.

Suggested – a poll to find out folks views. Could be turned into a petition.

Didn’t get to cover agenda items below:

Affordable homes program by Catellus
Day Labor Program
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