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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 3/19/2011
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The meeting was held at the Browning Hangar and led by Chair, Grant Fisher.

Steering Committee - Grant introduced officers of the MNA steering committee (SC) and asked other SC members to raise their hands. We’ll need nominations for SC members in May, for elections in June. Several current SC members are reaching the end of their term limit (3 years) and won’t be eligible to serve next year. Be thinking about who to nominate.

Treasurer’s Report – Grant reported that our current balance is about $4300.

CLASP - Mary Arnett spoke on behalf of C.L.A.S.P., which stands for Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership. This organization brings together volunteers and neighborhood leaders who want to address crime prevention and safety at the neighborhood level. Group of folks got together a year ago to work on crime issues in own neighborhoods. Jack Darby with Krimelabb helped them get together as a way to network with other neighborhoods. Every neighborhood is different - customize for what works for your neighborhood.

Mary talked about the variety of Neighborhood Watch types, from the less formal (getting to know your neighbors) to the more formal (organized block captains, telephone trees, block meetings, etc.)

For chronic problems, Mary recommended working with our APD District representative. Some neighborhoods have a community safety coordinator who coordinates regularly with APD. Some neighborhoods have hosted Safety Fairs at home improvement stores. Some have neighborhood watch signs they put on vehicles and perform patrols. Barton Hills is an example. CLASP can help with training and organization, networking. They work with APD.

Mary talked about how good communication can really save lives - mobilize to find children or others who have wondered off, etc.

Candidate Forum - Rick K from Windsor Park - About 8 neighborhoods work together to put together a forum for City Council candidates in Places 1, 3 and 4. It is Tuesday 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Memorial United Methodist Church, 6100 Berkman (go to the back of the building for the forum).

Important dates:
April 14: Deadline for registering to vote
May 2-10: Early voting
May 14: Election Day

MNA Grants - All three grant applications were awarded as follows
$125 Stitch n Bitch - Bears for kids in Africa & Haiti and premie caps for children at Dell & Seton
$40 to Boomers for Chili Cookoff trophies
$125 to the Friends of the Prairie for ongoing activities in support of the prairie.

PIAC update (Ashley Fisher) -
- Energy Substation at Morris Williams golf course - start construction in July and online in November. The landscape plans are being closely reviewed.
- Wildflower Terrace - Planning to occupy in November
- Simmons Vedder breaking ground on another apartment complex next to Mosaic
- A few buyers recently closed on garden homes (near Antone & Hermalinda)
- Greenway Lofts - almost sold out.
- Open House - April 2 and April 16 at Mueller Central - advertise next phase of housing. Time TBD - watch for more info.
- AISD Performing Arts Center - no official word yet on whether it will be at Mueller. AISD has said they are moving forward on preferred site but haven’t said where that is. They’ve been asked to come speak to PIAC. Catellus can’t sell land to a governmental entity without approval from Austin City Council.
- Children’s Museum - in fundraising mode and still on board.
- Catellus spin-off from ProLogis is complete.

Social Activities - Kat
March 24 - HH at Paco’s Tacos patio, 5-7pm. Some appetizers will be provided by the committee. It’s an age 21+ event. Purchase own drinks.
April 29 - LGBT Progressive Dinner - listed on CitiCite under Events.
April 1 - swimming pool opens
April 2 - 10 a.m. Polar Bear plunge. Some tacos and coffee will be provided.

Pecan Street Project Update - Garreth & Kathy - Resident’s Council has been formed and will help with communication, etc. Council members were selected through an open call for volunteers. Council members include:
Dan McAtee
Susan Beckman
Grant Fisher
Dusty Harshman
Corky Hilliard
Dennis Mick
Scot Salmon
Jason Sears
Rajesh Sukamaran

The Pecan Street Project will offer a supplemental rebate of $0.50/watt for solar PV installations at Mueller.

The project’s demonstration house will be at Berkman and Antone. Not sure when construction will start. Subdivision of the lot has to go to City Council.

Additional Questions/Discussion -
- Plant Fest April 9 at 10:00. Volunteers are needed to help with kids activities, etc.! Please contact Janelle Dozier to volunteer.
- Mueller Homes - Mueller Builder Guidelines for noise control during construction. Call Dee Desjardin at Catellus if builders aren’t complying.
- Welcome Spring around the Lake - 1:00 p.m. tomorrow at Lake Park. Great chance to gather as a community to welcome Spring to Mueller.
- Lee Thomson - New Exec Director of the Mueller Foundation. Their priorities are affordable housing and community strengthening. One focus area is Grades 4-8 in schools that Mueller feeds into.
- Austin Energy rate increase - Kathy Sokolic is on the public involvement committee for that. Residential rates will be discussed at next meeting on April 6. Submit questions at least a week in advance. Let Kathy know if you have questions, etc. More info at
- Several residents are meeting with Lighthouse Solar tomorrow night (Sunday) at 5:30 p.m. at Betsy & Joe’s. Join us if you have questions regarding solar installation.

Meeting adjourned and I forgot to notice the time!
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