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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 2/19/2011
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The meeting was held at the Ronald McDonald House and led by Vice-Chair, Dennis Mick.

Treasurer’s Report – Our balance is $3608.62 and Kerry is about to make another large deposit of $742. Lots of new memberships from the Big Push! We have 175 current members. Applications will be received through Feb. 28 for MNA Grants to support community activities. Maximum grant amount is $125. Applications will be evaluated at the March 1 meeting of the steering committee.

Upcoming Events - Dennis mentioned upcoming events that are posted on

Pecan Street Project (PSP) is forming a Resident’s Council. Looking for more residents to help share information with the community. If interested, email Ian Dietrich is no longer with PSP and they’re looking for a new project manager. Apologies for communication problems regarding the gas meter replacements. Suggestion to incorporate PSP info into the new resident seminars conducted by Catellus. Also talk about getting info to realtors who represent those buying into Mueller.

Resident Activities Committee - Kat Malcom - Friday, Feb. 25 meeting at trailer eateries from 12-1pm. This is a committee of the POA and more volunteers are needed. They work to allocate a budget from the POA, and ensure that activities represent a good cross section of the community.

Guest speaker - Ann Jerome (resident & Ronald McDonald House Chief Development Officer)

Thanks to Ann for hosting the meeting.

RMH started in 1974 in Philadelphia, by a player for the Eagles. McDonald’s was a sponsor of the Eagles so they reached out to them for assistance with helping families who have children in the hospital. Junior Leagues have been instrumental in spreading. Each RMH is an independent organization. All fundraising is local.

Families who live more than 25 miles from the hospital are served by the RMH. This RMH is a 30-bedroom house and the 1st platinum LEED building. They average 23-26 families per night. Volunteer groups bring in lunch and dinner EVERY day! The average family stays here 8 nights. Families are asked to contribute $10/night if they can to help defray their cost. Social workers make referrals to the RMH.

This Spring, they’ll open a family room inside Dell Children’s Hospital. It’s like a little house inside the hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit. The new room will have 2 bedrooms, laundry facility, etc. RMH provides support services in these family rooms. There’s no mileage requirement for receipt of these services.

After the meeting, Ann took about 10 of us on a tour of their public areas and a vacant room. Very nice!

Other Business
- Pool opens April 1 at 5:00 a.m. New maintenance company this year. A few picnic tables and benches will be added inside the fence but still, no food allowed. New umbrellas will be installed while plans continue for a canopy in the future. They’re also trying to reduce the transition times between public and private hours. Be sure not to let people in the gate for our own liability protection. Otherwise, we risk losing our special public/private status. (Report from Diane Geirisch)
- March 19 guest speaker will be Mary Arnett. Mary will discuss neighborhood security and neighborhood watch.

Meeting adjourned about 10:52 a.m.
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