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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 2/18/2012
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MNA General Meeting
Saturday, February 18, 2012
Ronald McDonald House

A. Introductions: Welcome new attendants Cynthia & Cleveland Alexander from Wildflower Terrace and Helen & Frosty Walker from Scales!!

B. Treasurer’s Report (Don)
a. 4510 in account
b. FPF printing fees
c. 154 members
d. Last year we had 275
e. 1570 came in from dues & FPF ads
f. Spent 627 (500 for FPF print costs)
g. Increase from last month of 945

C. RAIL (Cynthia Isreal, transit advocate)
a. There is an organization that is pro-transit (not just pro-rail)
b. Weekend Rail – There is a vote to take 2.2M fund from city to Cap Metro proposed to be used for Fri & Sat evenings
c. Train is at capacity in mornings and evenings, but last train leaves before 6:15pm
d. Online petition OR just become a friend of transportation –
e. Cap Metro already budgeted special events like SXSW and Pecan Street
f. Thursday @ 2pm in Boards & Commissions hall in City Hall - opportunity to address this with City Counsel

D. CARE plan and long-range vision for 51st St - Girard Kinney (from Cherrywood)
a. See excerpt attachment from full project proposal
b. CARE helped established the mission, tenets, and master plan for Mueller
i. (Mueller was designed w/ a Rail/Commuter line)
ii. Original plan was to have 2 Rails down the middle of 51st St by widening right-of-way to 150 ft. Now, plan is to use existing 90-ft ROW.
c. Vision Statement I : Urban street that accommodates safe pedestrian and bicycle movement as well as calm vehicular traffic
d. Vision Statement II: 51st St west of Berkman Dr. will be lined with buildings & developments that promote a safe, interesting and lively pedestrian environment with strong linkages and an appropriate scale transition to the Windsor Park neighborhood.
e. Vision Statement III: East of Berkman Dr., 51st St will be a narrow parkway with generous landscaping, bike lanes, and trails alongside
f. Q/A
i. Bike racks? Bike facilities have been encouraged. There are minimum requirements, but encouraging more.
ii. What will intersections be like crossing 51st (i.e. from grocery store)? In general, bull bouts ?!?!?!? with median refuge halfway across (each intersection has their own meetings for more details)
iii. Parking? Parallel w/ lowered speed zones to 35 mph
iv. Is there a budget and a timeline (b/c other development improvements don’t)? We have a huge partner (Catellus) to fund half of all 51st St improvements. Plus, there are backup funds and city understands a priority.
1. Budget so far is 3.6M
v. Utilities above or underground? We wish and hope and support for underground, but not very likely
vi. What happens if this doesn’t make it on to the next Bond package? There are other funds available (that haven’t been earmarked)

E. What projects to include in next Bond Election? (Betsy)
a. Corky moves we write a letter of support for CARE Vision.
b. Shelly seconded
c. Motion carries

a. What’s going on at Speedy Stop? More gas, car wash, etc. – not up to CARE standards
b. Grizzelle Font is running for city Tax Accessor & Collector and Corky is holding a political support party at her house on Tuesday night at 7-8 4128 Lawless
i. Chance to meet Bruce Elfant
ii. See Facebook & Citicite postings
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