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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 2/16/2013
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MNA General Meeting
February 16, 2013
Frost Bank

1. Introductions: Kathy
a. Introduced the Steering Committee members who were present and reviewed what MNA does.

2. Treasurer's Report: Kathy
a. Since Sandy (Treasurer) was out of town, report is approximate, based on report from last Steering Committee meeting.
b. Discussed grants and encouraged neighbors to apply for them. Committed to post grant forms.

3. PIAC Update:
a. The PIAC voted to support the housing development at 4800 Berkman and send a letter of support to Council.
b. PIAC received an update by the City - Mr. Gross from the transit department. Notable items included a park and ride at Berkman and an increased maintenance facility size of up to 5 acres. Plans are still pending.
c. There was also an update on the AISD bond package. The Board of Trustees will vote on February 25th on the package.

4. DMA Presentation:
a. DMA gave a presentation on the housing development at 4800 Berkman, and MNA membership voted to support the housing project.
b. Kathy will fill out a form of support for them.

5. YMCA Update:
a. The YMCA came out to encourage membership and discuss what is going on at the Y.

6. The East Side Compost Pedallers Presentation:
a. The East Side Compost Pedallers invited the entire community to a party at Patterson Park on Feb 28, from 6-9 to introduce everyone to their services.
b. MNA encouraged neighbors to participate in this local community-building activity.
c. This activity fits into the six development goals of Mueller.
d. Group was looking for local music for the party.

7. Austin Film Society Presentation:
a. Austin Film Society came to talk about current activities and to announce the Texas Hall of Fame After Party being held on March 7th at the Studios.
b. AFS is also putting on summer camps, and more info can be found on their website.

8. Q&A:
a. No questions recorded.

a. No announcements recorded.

10. Adjourn
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