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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 11/8/2008
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Disclaimer: Meeting minutes are in draft form and not approved yet. Will be approved at next MNA steering committee meeting.

Prop 2 – was defeated!

Corky is recycling any and all campaign signs – just drop them off at 4120 Lawless if you have some to recycle.

PUD notification –
Mueller residents received a letter stating PUD is being rezoned which means shifting densities in the PUD. Our neighborhood is part of the PUD – includes 8 or 9 different districts. No individual zoning, just has certain requirements that have to be met on percentage which must be commercial, residential, civic etc. Can redistribute densities amount districts without zoning changes.
For the district which includes Phase I/II housing they are planning to add 170 dwelling units and removing 20K office, 5K commercial, 10K of civic space; different from 2004 ordinance. Triggered a zoning amendment.
There will be a presentation at the next RMMA-PIAC meeting about the upcoming changes but they don’t have to tell us exactly what they are planning. At last PIAC meeting commission they stated that all the maps they have been showing the public already reflect the changes they are requesting.
There was concern voiced over the reduction in commercial space for our district – loss of convenience commercial items for residents in the southern part of Mueller, i.e. restaurants, stores.
There is a push to increase density in the development – especially residential. They have been coming up with new residential styles. Perhaps looking at the Tower district to test out some of these new styles – smaller square footage, more affordable homes.
Putting in 100% affordable tax credit senior living in this area is also likely. They still hope to have some version of commercial and some amount of retail as part of the development in the Tower District. Response from design team per Dusty they are going for a less dense structure where the apartment building was originally designed.
If interested can see presentation at on what they are thinking about that was presented two RMMA meetings ago.
If you have concerns show up at the RMMA PIAC commission meeting Tuesday, Nov 18th.

Newsletter –

Next newsletter is planned for mid January. Looking for people who are interested in contributing to the newsletter, articles are being part of the editorial board.
Editorial board is interested in what type of advertising the community wants to put up with. What’s acceptable. Quarter page ad seems to be the biggest folks want to see. With also a business card offering size. And less than a quarter of the newsletter should be ads.
Also looking at increasing newsletter size to 8 page from 4 page.
Photographers, writers, distributors, all areas of the newsletter need help.
If you want to participate email newsletter@

Question – any plans to have a neighborhood directory? is planning to have an interactive directory available to neighborhood residents only. Should be available by year end. Will have opportunity to opt yourself out or opt in to add more personal information. Will contain TCAT available information.

Holiday Season Events

Christmas Event/Lighting of the tower coming up. Date not set yet.
Ronald McDonald is also planning an event – a 5K on evening of Friday, December 5th in the hanger; will include lots of kids activities.
Thought was we don’t do a specific MNA event but instead support the various events going on like Ronald McDonald event and Lighting of the Tower.
Other thoughts include Xmas caroling but it doesn’t have to be organized by MNA. How about a Xmas decoration contest?

Open discussion

Discussion that although Prop 2 was defeated we at Mueller still have to continue to champion the neighborhood as a value to the whole Austin community and not just us.
UT Southwestern extension looks to be coming to Mueller – a medical annex.
AISD Performing Arts Center - Public input session occurred a couple weeks ago but MNAS did not have an attendance. PAC submittee has been tasked with determining a location with Mueller a possibility.
Bobby made a motion to invite Jena McCann and Jim Adams or other representatives from Roma Design to a future MNA meeting via Catellus to go over the PUD density changes and current and pending design issues affecting Mueller. Dusty indicated that an invitation had informally been extended already. Could we ask them to re present it to the MNA after the 18th meeting. Jerry 2nded request. 1 Abstention, no nays, the rest yahs, motion passed.
Can we also collect a list of questions for the RMMA-PIAC meeting. We’ll put a note out on asking for questions for the PIAC meeting.
Will also post the material from the MNA meeting on
Agreed to post meeting notes with disclaimer that they have not been approved and will be at next steering committee meeting.
Tim Mahoney is the new Mueller representative for the ANC.
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