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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 11/20/2010
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The meeting was held at the Ronald McDonald House, where meetings will be held for the next few months. Grant opened the meeting and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

Treasurer’s Report – Our balance is $1555 and we still have to pay for the upcoming Front Porch Flyer and the Stitch-n-B*tch grant.

MNA Grant - One grant application was received and that request was awarded in the amount of $125 (maximum allowable). The Stitch-n-B*tch group will knit hats for babies at Dell Children’s Hospital, and bears for children in Africa. Remaining grant resources were put toward the ‘big push’ to be discussed later.

Front Porch Flyer (FPF) – This edition will be delivered with other materials as part of the ‘big push’. Delivery is expected Thanksgiving week.

Pecan Street Project (PSP) – Garreth Wilcock updated us on this smart grid project in Mueller. The goal the first year will be to collect baseline usage data. 116 applications have been received and installations of measuring equipment are being installed. Over the life of the project, PSP wants to have 1000 homes involved. If you are interested in participating, email

Parking - Betsy Hilton gave an overview of the parking rule change as described in the last POA newsletter. The change resulted after several years of discussion, neighborhood meetings and resident surveys. The POA Board adopted a change to the rules to allow residents to park on the street for 72 hours at a time, the same limit set for visitors in the original covenants. The original limit for residents was 30 minutes. As noted in the newsletter, residents are reminded to park legally. Some vehicles have been ticketed by APD.

‘The BIG Push’ - The steering committee is undertaking an effort to knock on every residents door to deliver the FPF, a card with handy websites and contact information, information on the PSP, and answer any questions about the community. We would also like to make sure all residents are aware of the MNA and how it differs from the POA, and try to get more residents involved. Many of the most active residents are Phase 1 pioneers and we’re hoping to get some more recent residents involved in our activities. At this time, only about 20% of the homes are members of MNA. Dues are due now for 2011 - only $10/year!

Holiday Party - The Dec. 18th MNA meeting will be brief, followed by a volunteer-led holiday party. Events will be held at the Ronald McDonald House - 4th floor conference room.

Other Business
1. MNA will donate $100 to Ronald McDonald House as our thanks for using their facilities in the winter. Approved by all present with Ann Jerome abstaining. Motion was by Ashley Fisher with a 2nd by Mike Jones.
2. Holiday lights contest for those on the Lights of Love route. See Ann Jerome’s post on for more info.
3. POA Budget meeting - Kerry Fisher attended this meeting and reported the following items were discussed:
-- POA is going to increase the hours for our private security
--They’ve repainted the security vehicles to black and white (more visible)
--They are increasing Jennifer Harvey’s hours at Mueller
--We can all save the POA money by requesting our statements online. However, if you don’t view the online statement within some time period (1-2 weeks?), they’ll mail it to you.
--The lights in the roundabout tree are costly to maintain. Squirrels appear to be chewing on the wires and each repair runs about $1000. However, to take them down and put them back up each year is $20,000.
4. PIAC Update - At the last meeting, they discussed the tower restoration and the situation with the nesting owls, the Greenway Lofts (about 50% sold and move-ins by end of year). They don’t meet in December. At the January meeting, they’ll get an update on the affordable housing program.
5. A suggestion was made that we see if we can get Mueller T-shirts at low cost from Catellus, and bundle them with membership dues for a modest increase over dues-only memberships. It’s good advertising for the community.

Meeting adjourned about 11:00 a.m.
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