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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 11/17/2012
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1. Betsy Hilton opened the meeting and welcomed new residents.

2. Jen Lester of CASA gave thanks for our support for their run; she
gave Betsy a framed certificate of recognition.

3 Our main speakers were from Austin Playhouse -- Lara and Don Toner.
He tells about the application process and gives background on
temporary space. Will begin construction before the first of year and
be in the building by next summer ( This season will be at Highland
Mall). He provides details on the new facility at Mueller. There will
be a main stage and a “Larry L. King Theater.” Austin Java, will be
present. After the establishment of the 2 theaters, there is a second
phase: something bigger, Art Space-- affordable housing for artists.
The plan is for four stories above the theater. There will be artist
lofts ( Live/work spaces). Gallery on the roof (a space also for

4. Betsy talked about the Steering Committee elections in January;
nominations committee will put together list (& take nominations from
floor). Betsy tells people to find people of interest. She describes
what Steering does.

5. Announcements:

Lights of Love upcoming. Ann Jerome described site, path, and
registration. Dec 7, 6;30 for fun run (short for families) and 5 K at

Ani Colt promotes Go Local. She met with Catellus and founder of Go
local. Ani describes what is to be done and how individuals can be
involved in promoting local businesses at Mueller.

Other: Bobby reminds us of the Dec 3 for Developer Update; PIAC
activity is summarized by Jerry and Michael; Don tells of the upcoming
budget committee meeting.

**Thanks to Jerry Perkins for taking notes during this meeting!**
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