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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 11/16/2013
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Mueller Neighborhood Association General Meeting
November 16, 2013
Location: Wildflower Terrace Media Room
MNA Steering Committee Members Present: Cynthia Cammack, Ani Colt, Grant Fisher, Corky Hilliard, Kevin McGillicuddy, Kat Malcom, Dennis Mick, David Neider, James Nortey, Sandy Parks, Belinda Roberts, Kathy Sokolic,
MNA Steering Committee Members Absent: Janeka Rector
1. TREASURER’S REPORT -- Sandra Parks
a. The MNA checking account balance at November 15th was $5613.04. Our fiscal year end for tax purposes is November 30th. Anticipated cash balance at that date is about $5000; we have one more Front Porch Flyer bill to pay this weekend, and a few more smaller bills to pay before year end.
2. PIAC Update -- Corky
a. Discussed upcoming transportation changes, including reconfiguring Barbara Jordan Home Depot area, signal to be added at Zach Scott and Airport at the end of December, speeding problems on Zach Scott, McCloskey, and Berkman.
b. Betsy added information about a transportation meeting on Wednesday and said she would post notes.
a. Community Enhancement Committee - Dave Neider
1. Local Business - Dave explained that Alamo Drafthouse event was sold out with over 100 attendees, and group will send a follow-up to the Alamo CEO. Reiterated that the Kerbey Lane event had about 119 attendees.
b. Aldrich Street -- Dusty
1. Dusty talked about group and said to watch for details in next Front Porch Flyer.
c. 10/1 Update - Kathy
1. The final map was displayed. The group is still taking comments. (See Only two council members live in this district that are able to run again. Although MNA Steering Committee disappointed in results that separated Mueller from other East Austin neighborhoods, made good contacts with other neighborhood groups. Intend to engage East Austin in other ways even if not politically represented together.
d. Rail Committee – Kathy (for Janeka)
1. Kathy provided information about recommendation to mayor on rail. Stressed critical need to communicate support of plan to the city council within the next 60 days. Cited important reasons for including a Northeast Austin location as the density of remaining build-out with many public destinations (hospitals, museum, performing arts center, etc.).
4. INTRODUCTIONS of POA Board Nominees - Kathy
a. Tim Verde
b. Susan Egan
c. Betsy Hilton
d. Alan Schussel.
e. Noted that residents can vote at POA meeting or by proxy.
1. Cynthia Alexander from Wildflower Terrace announced youth performance there. Children welcome.
2. Helen announced that at the December meeting (December 14, 10 am, at Seton Headquarters), there will be a donation collection for the Austin Children's Shelter - the list of items requested is at:
3. Diane announced the pool committee will be meeting with the design committee on the next pool and its design. Will be different from current pool design.
4. Kathy announced that the December meeting would be on the second Saturday at 10 AM and would be a party. Seton is hosting with a presentation of old Austin archives. Bring snacks.
5. There was a request to post next meeting info each month in minutes.
6. Corky announced several opening businesses, including Elements apartments and the hotel.
7. Other upcoming events include the Tower lighting and Book Club holiday party, both on 12/3.

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