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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 11/11/2007
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn meeting 11/11/2007


Jerry Perkins, Betsy Hilton, Joe Denton, Brian Dolezal, Jim Walker, Rick Krivoniak, Keith Romel, Phillip Filardi, Kim Wine, Cliff Spinac, Steve Lopez, Adriane Foster, Kevin Foster, Ashley Fisher, Bobby Gierisch, David Justice, Kathleen Malcom, Andrew Bucknall, Rodd Ruoff, Akiko Ruoff, Dusty Harshman, Melanie Harshman, Karen Zabreznik


Andrew Bucknall, founder of the American Dream Self Sufficiency program, a non-profit group working in East Austin, presented to us about the program. Good discussion ensued about opportunities to meld Mueller into the existing fabric of East Austin and how we can make a difference. Lots of volunteer opportunities exist in East Austin including the I live here, I give here program -
Good way to foster integration with the surrounding neighborhoods is to do all things with inclusiveness in mind. Have block parties and invite surrounding neighborhoods, invite the surrounding neighborhoods to most if not all events.
Short discussion on the Meet the Neighbors event last Sunday were several folks got turned away because they were not contracted owners. Dusty talked to Dee and Jessica about the issue.
One opportunity for next spring – a new round of council elections happening – is a social/political event and invite every candidate who will be on the ballot to come speak – a Candidate Forum. Rick K organized the last East Austin candidate forum – willing to help again if someone else will help out also.
Dusty Harshman gave an update on the POA advisory panel progress.
1 meeting of the POA to date and 2 public outreaches, the HOA open house and now an online survey. The survey’s object is to get people’s general perceptions and understanding on POA’s. Everyone is encouraged everyone to fill it out.
Catellus promises they have a rules/regulations document they will be sending out to all contracted homeowners so look for it. The advisory panel will make recommendation on rules/regulations, enforcement and governance.
Rick mentioned there was a tour of Mueller for Susanna Gonzalez, a reporter, along with Rick, Corky and Brian D, Dee D, so look for an article coming in the next weeks. She had gotten wind of the possibility of HOA dissent but the conversation went well and it should be a positive report.
Dusty confirmed that all HOA accounting will be public and all CCR’s have been recorded and have to be officially amended for any changes Catellus decides to make.
There was discussion around how new homeowners know what their POA dues will pay for and how we will be able to keep track of decisions the appointed POA board makes that affect us. The MDA, master development agreement, should detail exactly what parts of the development are Catellus funded vs which are POA funded. Per Jim W. what is funded by who at the park level is covered, but what amenities within the parks are POA funded, Catellus funded and COA funded is probably not detailed.
Jim to bring his copy of the MDA to Tuesday’s night meeting.
Discussion around need for public access to the greenways – not just through Mueller neighborhood. Need someone to spearhead the discussion. On Mueller Austin website there should be a link under the Outdoor Living tab – a detailed .pdf of the parks which should show if public parking on the non-Mueller sides of the park is planned at all.

Stapleton Denver, a master planned development similar to Mueller Austin, was mentioned. It has progressive community governance principles fairly well defined on their website. Sounds a lot like what we’re looking at for our POA. Hopefully the POA will review Stapleton’s CCRs and governance and take the best from them. A suggestion was made maybe we could have individuals influential in putting the Stapleton CCRs in place could come and consult for the advisory panel.

Talked briefly about the diff between a neighborhood assn and the Property Owner’s assn. They may have some overlap but probably will be different entities so that non homeowners can join the neighborhood assn which we want to be all inclusive of all interested parties.

Discussed whether we needed dues, bylaws or officers to register the MNA with the city and apparently not. Karen Zabreznik to register MNA with boundaries to include all of Mueller east to Berkman. Brian D. indicated the first apartments would be open in Fall 2008.

Rick K mentioned the future need for a contact team – normally defined by a city ordinance when a neighborhood plan is put in place. Since Mueller already has a plan, how will the contact team get identified? Mueller Commission is currently kind of acting as a contact team – Rick K. is driving this to resolution.

Events this week and coming up:

Tuesday, 625 E. 10th, 6pm – Mueller Commission meeting
Wednesday, 9:00 am, corner of James Wheat and Philomenia – Seton HQ groundbreaking ceremony – media event.
Thursday, 6pm - Retail Grocery focus group. Off Springdale, by Rogge Lane. Going north it will be on the east, look to right, entrance surrounded by trees.

Nov 30th, Mueller Central, 6:30p - 2nd annual Mueller Tower Lighting. If you meet Roger Baker – he helped build terminal. He along with Will Wynn is responsible for saving the tower.

Quick update on 51st St Water Tower – Water and Wastewater will review and make a recommendation on Dec 19th. Will go to the City council on January 10th. Rick will be talking about it more in the coming months. This water tower is the height of a 12 story building and we will all have it in our skyline so we should all be involved in this effort!

What is our voting precinct and where is the voting location?

Last minute discussion about upcoming home completions. Meritage is pushing people to close end of November but no one is sure if mail delivery is available or garbage trucks are scheduled yet. Would like Catellus/builders to close on entire blocks at once or at least when other homes on block are close to being finished and city services are available.

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