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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 10/21/2007
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn. Sunday, 10/21/2007 3-5pm, Genuine Joe’s

Attendees: Felicia & Michael Adams, Kat Malcom, Wilson Robertson, Robyn Hembree, Drew & Erica Harris, Ashley & Grant Fisher, Dusty Harshman, Kerry Fisher, Bobby Gierisch, Steve Lopez, Cliff Spinac, Kim Wine, Rick Krivoniak (hope I didn’t miss anyone)

Notes (I’m sure I missed some items so feel free to add on notes)

New home for the MNA – starting next month the meeting will be held the 2nd Sunday of every month from 3 – 5pm at Asbury United Methodist on the corner of 38th and Cherrywood. Lots of room so bring your children with some toys to keep them busy.

The Catellus planned Meet your Neighborhood night has apparently been delayed till November so that the hanger, where the event is taking place, can be completed. Hopefully we’ll see an invite soon.

Dusty gave a rundown of the HOA open house that took place on Saturday, 10/20. Lots of homeowners visited and signed up on the Neighborhood Directory he placed outside the conference room and they have been added to our distribution list. An online survey is coming out soon. Dusty to see if he can get us notes on what was written on the boards at the open house and later on the survey results. Dusty is currently gathering COA ordinances to determine where there are already city regulations in place to handle things like animal control or traffic issues. We should not have duplicates in the CCRs. He also mentioned that it is still unknown whether the supplemental mixed-use covenant has been recorded or not, noone seem to know. He also indicated that Catellus is finishing up a rules & regulations document, the ‘plain english’ version of the CCRs, and hopefully those will be distributed through our builders for review.

Kat Malcom and Kerry Fisher agreed to take lead in the Affordable Homes special interest area. They will attend meetings and gather info on the Affordable homes and report back to the MNA on a monthly basis anything of interest to the group.

There is a grocery focus group happening Nov 15th for those interested. There are lots of different views on where a grocery store should be located on the property, its size, its intended audience so if you have a point of view be sure you make it known. Current plan, which probably will change, is to have a large scale grocery at the corner of 51st and Berkman.

Discussed whether we should formally, legally, create a Mueller Neighborhood Assn. Benefit is we will then be notified of any zoning change requests within our neighborhood boundary (which we need to define). Karen Zabreznik to look up what is necessary to register as a neighborhood assn with the city. We will need to create bylaws, define our boundaries and appoint some officers – anyone interested? The MNA’s current functions include meeting new neighbors, sharing information and uniting on issues specific to our new community. In the future the association may want to publish a newsletter, sponsor neighborhood events and act as public advocacy for the community. The hope is to have the official org in place by the Meet your Neighbor night.

Elementary School Bond Program is coming in mid 2008. The 2004 bond program did not cover Mueller Elementary so if we want a neighborhood school for our children it needs to get approved in the 2008 bond program. Next public meeting isn’t till January so we each need to show our support for the Mueller Elementary in the next bond package by contacting the AISD bond committee now. First place to do this is at the following link:
Kim Wine is leading this effort.
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