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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 10/20/2012
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MNA General Meeting
October 29, 2012
Browning Hangar

1. Introductions: Betty

2. New neighbors from Wildflower, GCII

3. Wildflower Terrace is 80% Occupied

4. Affordable Housing: Tommy Tucker Catellus
a. Reminder of goals & guidelines for affordable homes within Mueller
b. Update on potential site for next multi-family affordable site
i. Across from the market district (on a transit line)
c. 1440 units total w/ 398 on affordable program. 33% of multi-family, 23% of single-family are affordable program
d. 97/200 units of the section that is under construction now will be part of the affordable program
e. Overall goal is 25% of all Mueller will be affordable

5. Q&A
a. What does the application process look like?
i. Start at the website to identify what products are available
ii. Qualification process goes through the builder

b. Do the affordable homes have to stay affordable for resale?
i. Must stay affordable for one year
ii. Mueller has 1st right of refusal, but

c. Could there be more than 2 multi-family affordable units?
i. It is not in the plans, but it is possible

d. Next area of development after area currently under construction will be to go behind Wildflower Terrace/control tower and finish out toward Market District. Will affordable housing plans change these development plans?
i. No.

e. When will the SE parkway area be developed?
i. Plans are still in development

f. Is there any way to make a tax-credit building into 2 structures?
i. No, can’t split it between multiple properties

g. Public amenities that are coming in as population grows?
i. 140 acres of parks total (50% now + 80% green space )
ii. Plan for a 2nd pool
iii. Exploring plans for a community garden & a splash pad
iv. Bartholomew is redoing their pool
v. Willy Morris is redoing their golf course

h. Will multi-family structures have their own pools?
i. Yes

i. Repurchasing units when they’re back on the market?
i. We’re trying to purchase them all

j. What will happen to the retail space? How difficult will it be to fill town center?
i. Come to the town center meeting for more info. Looking at multiple uses: retail, office, shopping, w/ 30% local business. Newly built areas are often incubators for small businesses. Larger & local businesses

k. Are there any affordable shop houses
i. Not now, but maybe in the future
ii. See explanations on website

l. What about the area across from Wildflower Terrace as another affordable spot?
i. We don’t think that’s the best place for the next one.

6. SEE ATTACHED handout for density & affordable housing FAQs

a. Elections are in January for MNA Steering Committee officers & members
b. Cards advertising business opportunities in Mueller were handed out
c. Lights of Love (Ann)
i. Friday, December 7, 2012
ii. 5th annual 5k fundraiser to support the Ronald McDonald House
iii. Last year there were >3000 participants
iv. Contest for the best-decorated house to win a gift card for Home Depot
v. Mueller Community Team Captain (Ben Kramer, resident from Antone)
1. ½ way to their monetary fundraising goal
2. Goal to get 140 participants on the team
vi. Where can I get Mueller paraphernalia to where?
1. Jessica Reynolds
vii. Updates are posted to citicite & Facebook pages
d. Keep Austin Healthy: Prop 1 (Betty)
i. Betty spoke to members about Prop 1, the proposition in which property taxes go up and the local health care system is improved if passed
ii. Early voting is 10/22 (Dell Childrens = closest location)
e. Mueller Plan Implementation Advisory Commission (PIAC) update: Carol Grammen
i. AISD presented their final plans for performing arts center (19-month project starting in January)
ii. Presentation from Kelly Weiss (from People Trust) about affordable program
iii. Town Hall session is Wednesday night at Seton allowing community input on what we’d like in the town center
f. Bond Consideration for May Committee public form meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 at Reagan HS for input on what they’d like on the bond (Ashley)
g. Halloween Carnival is Sat , October 27 (time TBD)

8. Adjourn
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