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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 10/16/2010
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The meeting was held at the picnic tables outside the pool at Ella Wooten park. Future meetings may be at the hangar or at Ronald McDonald House, depending on the weather. Check for more information. Vice-pres, Dennis Mick, ran the meeting.

Treasurer's Report – Kerry Fisher reported that our balance is $1659. We haven't distributed grant money and only one application was received. The general membership voted unanimously to extend the application deadline. Motion made by Ashley Fisher and seconded by Corky Hilliard. The new deadline is November 1st by unanimous passage of a motion by Ashley and second by Mike McGovern.

Get Austin Moving – Proposition One – Our guest speaker was Griffin Davis from, the PAC formed to promote passage of this $90million transportation bond package on the November ballot. The project will provide mobility improvements for a variety of modes – cars (53%), bikes, sidewalks and trails. It includes the completion of the hike and bike trail on Lady Bird Lake on the South side of the lake. It's a relatively small bond package that will not result in an tax increase. Included projects are well distributed throughout the City and include several of interest to Mueller – roundabout fix, improvements at IH 35 & 51st St, bike lanes on Manor Road, and preliminary studies for improvements to Airport Blvd. A map of the projects is available on their website. (Detail project listing is available at Those opposed to the proposition generally want either a higher percentage of the funds to go for road improvements, or the improvements split into modal packages so the public can pick and choose what modes to support.

After Griffin left, the MNA voted unanimously to endorse the passage of Proposition One, on a motion by Betsy Hilton seconded by Rose Wages.

Pecan Street Project (PSP) – They've only received about 85 signed contracts. If you want to participate, they need your signed contract. Please turn them in. They are a little behind schedule for installing the monitoring equipment. There may be a happy hour on Wednesday – watch for info.

Social Activities – Kat Malcom reported on several recent events:

- Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) – The event was very successful and those present liked the format better this year. Kat heard about 17 different block parties that were planned. Next year Mueller will be the focal point for the City with respect to East Austin and some events will be held at the hangar.
- Boomer group (for baby boomers) held a successful progressive dinner
- Mueller Gay and Lesbian Resident Potluck planned for Oct. 23. About 35 people have signed up so far.
- Another 'networking' happy hour is planned for Nov. 18 – watch for details.
- Some folks talking about planning Thanksgiving gatherings for neighbors without families in town.

PIAC update – Ashley Fisher reported on the last PIAC meeting. PIAC will be sending a letter to the City approving the process used by Austin Energy in development of the substation near Mueller. They discussed Proposition One but do not take a position on such items. They discussed the pricing structure for the David Weekley garden homes to be sold at market rate. The MNA membership expressed some concern that these homes were not filling the income gap in the way we had hoped.

Corky Hilliard advised that the hangar is now open during Elixer's hours so you can sit at picnic tables under the hangar and visit with friends and neighbors. It appears it will also be possible to reserve it for small parties, etc. Watch for more details from Catellus. Corky encouraged everyone to make use of it.

Landscape Committee – Joe Denton asked for feedback about previous Plant Fest activities. Members liked the ability to purchase plants and support local schools, etc. The Boy Scouts selling mulch was also well-liked. Corky suggested it would be great to have photos of some of the nice yards with the plants in the photos labeled. The tours of private gardens were also popular.

Meeting adjourned about 11:00 a.m.
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