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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 1/21/2012
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting
Saturday, January 21, 2012 10am
Ronald McDonald House

A. Treasurer’s Report
a. $3807 in acct now
b. 1320 income from Front Porch Flyer

B. Bylaws
a. Changes Approved
i. Ashley moved to accept the changes with friendly amandement
ii. Seconded by Jerry
iii. Passed unanimously
b. New bylaws & changes will be posted online

C. Membership dues are due!

D. Land use change along Airport:Cherrywood reps David & Raymond will discuss changes
a. Vertical mixed use changing to commercial
i. Traffic study isn’t necessary b/c doesn’t meet the minimum thresholds of activity
ii. Will Cherrywood NA have a formal position by our next meeting?
1. Not likely. Cherrywood will have several more meetings before coming to a decision
iii. Asking for support from MNA and for us to sign petition against the change
iv. MNA will abstain – at least until the Cherrywood planning meeting has come to a decision

E. Mueller Place: Tommy Tucker from Catellus
a. Let’s Talk Developers Forum on Feb 1 at 6pm Mueller Central
b. Overview
i. Proposal for affordable multi-fam dev on NW corner of Tom Miller & Berkman
ii. FC asked that Catellus send in an application
iii. Jan 10 FC submitted a pre-app, but were 14/15 on the list of all the projects
iv. Decided it wasn’t worth the time & resources to submit a formal app

F. Mueller Place cont: Peachy Myers from Foundation Communities (Director of Community Engagement)
a. Non-profit organization responsible for M Station – greenest community
b. Through educational & Financial programming, they serve 700+ kids in free after school programs
c. Various classes available to adults to help them achieve sustainable stability
d. Will be at the Feb 1 mtg
e. Open houses are opportunities to tour the properties and for Q & A
i. Links will be posted on citicite
ii. See attached
f. Discussion about site and proposal in particular
i. Was already planned to be multi-family
ii. PEACHY defers to exec about parking questions, but MNA members mentioned that there will likely be a garage
iii. 180 units planned there anyway
iv. Concern expressed that questions pointed at PEACHY should really be directed at Catellus
1. Come to Let’s Talk on Feb 1!
v. Suggested that the SC discuss & review
vi. For FC, we should discuss how do we fill the “80 to 120.”
1. There aren’t programs to fill the “80 to 120”
vii. Concern about the segregation of affordable homes on the outskirts of the neighborhood
1. 25% of our housing now is affordable (mostly owner-occupied)
viii. Large apt complex is necessity to receive tax credit & build tax credit housing? (Janelle Dozier)
1. Strategy is for 25% affordable housing. Ownership has pricing gap. (Jim Walter)
2. For rental, there is 10% market rate and go after 2 tax credit projects (Jim Walter)
a. Always planned for retirement and family by school (Jim Walter)
3. Dissent that there shouldn’t be 2 large affordable living complexes on the outskirts in the master plan
ix. General consensus = we want the master integrated plan as introduced
1. Let’s let Catellus know!! Go to Let’s Talk. Remind them in our meetings and their meetings
x. Mention that schools and AISD need to be part of the discussion
xi. Email with questions or discussion topics
xii. Is tax credit the only way MC gets funding? Yes, large majority
1. How does this project affect other proposed projects? No affect
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