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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 1/10/2009
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes - January 10, 2009


After introductions . . .

I. Motion made and unanimously approved to write letter of support for Ronald McDonald House annual Run/walk event (motion by Gareth?)

II. Grant Fisher reported on Steering Committee discussions of:

A. side yard issues
B. traffic signal at Zack Scott & Airport
C. Block captains: interested people should go to and/or talk to Bobby G.

III. Dusty Harshman on Newsletter: ad space sold out, more articles than space, reference to

IV. Brandy Clark presented for Austin Car Share: Explained procedures (reservations, etc.), existing locations, environmental pluses, fees, provided hand outs, took head count of interested people (8 or 9 in the room). Generally high interest in possibility of a Car Share location at Mueller.

V. Kim Wine on Events Committee: Purpose explained, call for members, reference to

VI. Dusty Harshman on neighborhood post cards: Cattellus will not share costs. Start with 2000 card run, distribute 3 or 4 cards per household with newsletter. Much discussion, including alternatives to placement in newsletter (examples: provide access to interested neighbors through Internet or supply @ Mueller Central; put out through block captains). There was a wide ranging discussion of the idea of a post card.

VII. Other Business:

A. Dan McAtee & Laura Spoor spoke of their volunteerism with the APD in walking the neighborhood, how others can be involved, and recommended inviting the Chief to speak at a future meeting.
B. Jim Walker spoke of MNA interest in a potential future development, a 200 unit, tax credit housing for seniors (55+) at a site in the vicinity of the tower. As geographically relevant our opinion/involvement will be sought.
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